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Saint of the Day for Monday, January 12th, 2015: St. Marguerite Bourgeoys

today’s birthday: John A. Macdonald (1815)

John A. Macdonald (1815)

Macdonald was the first prime minister of Canada, serving from 1867 to 1873 and from 1878 to 1891. He played a crucial role in expanding Canada‘s territories to include the Northwest Territories and British Columbia and earned much praise for his role in forging a nation of sprawling geographic size, with two disparate European colonial origins and a multiplicity of cultural backgrounds and political views. What was the Pacific scandal, and how did it affect Macdonald’s career? More… Discuss

In Vitro Fertilization

In Vitro Fertilization

This technique is used for the conception of a human embryo outside the mother’s body. Several ova—or eggs—are removed from the mother’s body and placed in special laboratory culture dishes. Sperm from the father are then added. If fertilization occurs, the fertilized ovum, after undergoing several cell divisions, is either transferred to the mother’s or a surrogate mother‘s body for normal development in the uterus, or is frozen for later implantation. What does in vitro mean in Latin? More… Discuss

Saint of the Day for Sunday, October 19th, 2014: Sts. Isaac Jogues and Rene Goupil

this day in the yesteryear: Quebec’s Pierre Laporte Kidnapped (1970)

Quebec’s Pierre Laporte Kidnapped (1970)

The separatist Quebec Liberation Front (FLQ) formed in the 1960s to bring about the independence of predominantly French Quebec from the rest of Canada. To achieve this aim, the FLQ carried out various terrorist activities, including the 1970 kidnapping of Quebec’s Minister of Labor Pierre Laporte and British diplomat James Cross. This touched off the October Crisis and led the Canadian government to assume sweeping emergency powers to combat the insurrection. What happened to Cross and Laporte? More… Discuss

Today’s Birthday: PIERRE TRUDEAU (1919)

Pierre Trudeau (1919)

As prime minister of Canada from 1968–79 and 1980–84, Trudeau advocated a strong federal government and took a determined stand against the Quebec separatist movement. Despite his opposition to Quebec‘s independence, he supported Canadian sovereignty and secured for the country a new constitution in 1982 that precipitated its official independence from Britain. He also had French adopted as an official state language. How did Trudeau figure into an alleged plot to assassinate Fidel Castro?More… Discuss



The Snowy Owl

Easily recognized by its snow-white plumage, the snowy owl is most commonly found in the Arctic tundra but is sometimes seen in Europe, Asia, and North America. It is even the official bird of Quebec. The large owl has broad wings, a round head, and may have some dark markings. After snowy owl eggs hatch, both parents feed and protect their young. Their alarm call is almost like a bark, and they often clap their beaks when threatened. What popular book series features a snowy owl? More… Discuss


This day in History: National Assembly of Quebec Adopts the Charter of the French Language (1977)

National Assembly of Quebec Adopts the Charter of the French Language (1977)

In 1976, the Parti Québécois, a party of French-Canadian nationalists formed in 1970, won control of the provincial parliament. Among its first acts was the passage of La charte de la langue française—the Charter of the French Language. Also known as Bill 101, the controversial legislation made French the official language of Quebec and prohibited the use of English on signs and in most commercial transactions. What effect did the charter have on businesses in Quebec? More… Discuss

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