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Definition: (verb) To make soft, usually by steeping in liquid, and cause to disintegrate as a result.
Synonyms: soften
Usage: The stale bread was left to macerate in a bowl of milk for a few hours. Discuss.

my open window, poetic thought by George-B My collection of art)


my open window, poetic thought by George-B

From the window into my soul
See the miles long waves
rolling toward the sandy arrival
The bendin’ the wind of smoke stacks
At the highest rim top,
with the warning red light winking at
clouds, oh yes!

From the window into my heart
See the love for hills,
wild mustard,
patches of wildest squash,
fallen old oak, young brush that’s never be old,
even though dry too early, oh yes!

From the window in my mind
See the music waving at you to join
in the choir,
the band,
instrument, voice, oh yes!

And see the poetry of words, that gather meaning
as they find themselves aligned and joined
by breath
as sole glue and string,
on the background of the cave wall,
from which all sense became to life, oh yeah!

Became to life!
Welcome to my open window!