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Holidays Concert at euzicasa: Rhapsody In Blue, by George Gershwin (great compositions/performances)

Rhapsody In Blue: Gershwin

Sheng Cai plays Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody No.2 (Super Crazy version !!! ): great compositions/interpetations

Sheng Cai plays Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody No.2 (Super Crazy version !!! )

George Gershwin – I got rhythm: variations for piano and orchestra: make music part of your life series

George Gershwin – I got rhythm: variations for piano and orchestra

Wayne Marshall – Aalborg Symphony

make music part of your life series: George Gershwin – Cuban Overture


George GershwinCuban Overture

Uploaded on Aug 9, 2010

Born the son of Russian-Jewish immigrants into the vibrant life of Manhattan, George Gershwin created much of the twentieth century’s musical highlights, with an endless stream of hit shows. His fascination with classical music, and his fusion of many varied musical forms like jazz, blues and ragtime, brought us the likes of Porgy and Bess and Rhapsody in Blue.

Cuban Overture (running time : 11:16)
Courtesy goes to Richard Hayman and his Symphony Orchestra.

Gershwin’s Cuban Overture, described aptly as a “Rhumba” , was written in 1932. It is a lively evocation of the spirit of Cuba, bringing together the two sides of composer’s abilities, a synthesis of art, jazz and Latin America.

make music part of your life series: Promenade. (Walking the dog). George Gershwin.


Promenade. (Walking the dog). George Gershwin.


Make Music Part of Your Life Series: G. Gershwin – Walking the Dog (Promenade)

Julian Milkis – Clarinet, Mikhail Kopelmanviolin, Päivyt Meller – violin, Ulla Soinne – viola, Seppo Kimanen – cello.
Recorded at Sibelius Academy of Music on November 24, 2012 by 
ABG World, Video and Audio Production.

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GREAT PERFORMANCES: Rhapsody in Blue – George Gershwin

Rhapsody in Blue, de George Gershwin. Interpretada por el genial Leonard Bernstein, al piano y la dirección.

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“Strike Up the Band” by George Gershwin performed by Leon Bates

Strike Up the Band” by George Gershwin, arr. Bates. Performed live in recital by Leon Bates, 2009.


George Gershwin – Rhapsody in Blue

Rhapsody in Blue is a musical composition by George Gershwin for solo piano and jazz band written in 1924, which combines elements of classical music with jazz-influenced effects. 

Commissioned by bandleader Paul Whiteman, the piece received its premiere in a concert entitled An Experiment in Modern Music, which was held on February 12, 1924, in Aeolian Hall, New York, by Whiteman and his band with Gershwin playing the piano.

Conductor: Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra
Orchestra: Richard Hayman
Piano: Kathryn Selby


An American In Paris (1951): Concert for Piano In F major

”]Cover of "An American in Paris [Blu-ray]&...

 Based on compositions by George GershwinAn American In Paris, has entertained millions, thru great performances, dancers and singers.  In this scene pianist Oscar Levant in the role of a jobless concertmaster dreams about his performing 3rd Movement (Allegro Agitato) from Gershwin’s “Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in F Major“, one of the best concerts ever composed, in a unique jazzy style, as colorful as the entire spectrum of the rainbow. 1951-2011, 60 years have passed and this music still “kicks”: It is a classic, by all means, a classic. Read more about the it at:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/An_American_in_Paris_(film), and then may be you’ll enjoy singing in the rain for a little while.