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today’s birthday: Gerhard Richter (1932)

Gerhard Richter (1932)

Richter is considered one of the foremost German artists of the post-World War II period, indeed one of the foremost artists in the world, and the prices his works fetch at auction reflect this distinction. Unwilling to settle on any one medium or approach, Richter paints, photographs, draws, and sculpts and has varied his style from austere photorealism to satirical pop to minimalism to pure abstraction. This fluidity is interpreted by some as a reaction to the early training he received where? More… Discuss

Liszt – Piano Concerto No. 1 in Eb, S.124 (Richter): great compositions/performances

Franz Liszt: Piano Concerto #1 in Eb S.124(Richter)

GREAT COMPOSITIONS/PERFORMANCES: Sviatoslav Richter PLAYS Schumann – Etudes symphoniques op 13 – Richter studio


Schumann – Etudes symphoniques op 13 – Richter studio

Robert Schumann
Etudes symphoniques op.13
Sviatoslav Richter
Studio recording, Salzburg, 1-3, 6, 7,14,15 & 24.IX.1971

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Charles Richter (1900)

Richter was an American seismologist best known for creating the Richter scale, which quantifies the magnitude of earthquakes by assigning each quake a single number based on the measurement of seismic waves. The scale is logarithmic, meaning that each increase of one unit represents a 10-fold increase in the amplitude of the waves. Though the scale has no theoretical upper limit, the most severe quakes have not exceeded a scale value of 9. What earthquake measurement method succeeded Richter’s? More…Discuss

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