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this pressed for your right to konw: Texas hospital defends actions; governor may declare emergency – LA Times

The Texas hospital where two nurses were infected with the Ebola virus said Thursday that it followed federal guidelines to protect against the spread of the deadly pathogen, as Dallas County officials called an emergency meeting to consider asking Gov. Rick Perry to declare a local emergency.

The move comes after two registered nurses, Nina Pham and Amber Vinson, were diagnosed with Ebola infections after treating Liberian Thomas Eric Duncan, who died Oct. 8 at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital.

Controversy continued to swirl over why Vinson flew on commercial flights to Cleveland and back to Dallas while she was among dozens of healthcare workers who had been asked to monitor and report potential Ebola infection signs and symptoms.

via Texas hospital defends actions; governor may declare emergency – LA Times.

Nurse With Ebola Called CDC Before Flying https://social.newsinc.com/media/json/69017/27740615/singleVideoOG.html?type=VideoPlayer%2F16x9&widgetId=2&trackingGroup=69017&videoId=27740615#.VD_vDnKYMsc.twitter