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Risk refers to the potential negative impact that may arise from some present or future event. In common usage, it has become synonymous with the probability of a loss or threat. There are different definitions of risk, and its measurement can be difficult, but industries that are risk-sensitive use the equation: Risk = (probability of the event) x (consequence). Thus, the harsher the loss and the more likely the event, the worse the risk. What role does framing play in risk assessment? More… Discuss



Vitamin D Supplement Dosages Unreliable

Vitamin D deficiency is easily treatable with oral supplements, but many patients may not be getting the proper dosage, and this could be putting their health at risk. An analysis of vitamin D supplements on the market in the US revealed that dosages vary widely regardless of what is listed on the label. Over-the-counter, bottled pills were found to contain between 52 and 135 percent of their advertised vitamin D content, while those produced by compounding pharmacies contained as little as 23 percent and as much as 146 percent of the labeled amount. More… Discuss


Daily Multivitamin May Provide Cancer Protection

Though the primary purpose of taking a multivitamin is to prevent nutritional deficiencies, a daily dose of the supplement could also provide a measure of protection against cancer. A randomized,double-blind study of nearly 15,000 men found that those taking a daily multivitamin had an eight percent lower risk of developing cancer in later life. The effect may be small, but it is statistically significantMore… Discuss