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At the fork in the road – A bridge!

At the fork in the road - a bridge-To Seal Beach

At the fork in the road - a bridge-To Seal Beach

Today was a wonderful day for biking. There was some wind (10 – 15 mi/h) blowing from South-West, but that was a great benefit on the way back (prevailing wind changes course in the afternoon), so I got a good workout both directions trading effort for speed.
To make a short story long (if I did not do just that already), it was a day to remember, for the clean, crisp, cold air, good company, several on – the – road photos, and many cotton balls clouds, mostly sunny, day on the bike road. My Cannondale bike needed the workout, so did my calories burning watch, and my pedometer got a little cake, as reward for catching up with me, and adding some 40 miles to its mileage.

 I hope you enjoy the “panoramic view” of the Fork – in – the – road at the Coyote Creek bike road bridge.

 More to come (I got to go watch the next episode on the “Burn Notice”).