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An MRE—or Meal, Ready-to-Eat—is a complete, self-contained field ration provided to members of the US military. MREs are carefully developed to provide enough calories for soldiers in the field and may include condiments, utensils, and matches. They are lightweight and capable of withstanding a parachute drop. Today, MREs come in 24 varieties, some of which are reportedly more palatable than others—inspiring such nicknames as “Meals, Rarely Edible.” What is the shelf life of an MRE? More… Discuss


Today’s Birthday: Robert Walpole, First Earl of Orford (1676)

Robert Walpole, First Earl of Orford (1676)

Walpole was an English statesman. Elected to the House of Commons in 1701, he later served as secretary of war. With the accession of George I, he rose rapidly to become first lord of the treasury and chancellor of the exchequer. With his consolidation of power, he effectively became the first British prime minister. He avoided foreign entanglement and kept England neutral until 1739, when he was forced into the War of Jenkins’ Ear against Spain. How did the conflict get its name? More… Discuss