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today’s birthday: Louis Braille (1809)

Louis Braille (1809)

Having lost his sight at the age of three following an accident, Braille went on to attend the National Institute for Blind Youth in Paris.


Braille (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While there, he began developing a system of raised dots representing letters to facilitate reading and writing among the visually impaired. This evolved into Braille, a writing system for the blind, which was later extended to include notations for mathematics and music. Braille’s invention was inspired by another writing system designed for what purpose? More… Discuss

this pressed: Ukraine, Russia and the ceasefire that never was|By Fergal Keane BBC News, eastern Ukraine via BBC News-on Twitter

“Ukraine, Russia and the ceasefire that never was

But It Is a Teorethical Hope-via BBC

“But It Is a Theoretical Hope-via BBC”