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Salem Witch Trials Begin (1692)

Salem Witch Trials Begin (1692)

Viewed by many to be the result of a period of factional infighting and religious hysteria, the witch trials of Puritanical Salem Village, Massachusetts, led to the executions of 20 people—15 women and five men—and the imprisonment of approximately 150 accused witches. Even after the trials ended, people who had previously been found not guilty of witchcraft remained in prison, held until they paid their jail fees. What is “spectral evidence,” and how did it play a role in the witch trials? More… Discuss

today’s birthday: Arthur Miller (1915)

Arthur Miller (1915)

Miller was an American dramatist whose plays deal with morality and the pressures exerted by family and society. The Crucible, one of his most famous works, is a dramatization of the 17th-century Salem witch trials and a parable about the US in the McCarthy era. His masterpiece, Death of a Salesman, was the first play to win a Pulitzer Prize for Drama, a Tony Award for Best Play, and the New York Drama Critics Circle Award all in the same year. What movie star was his second wife? More… Discuss