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word: pliant


Definition: (adjective) Easily bent or flexed; pliable.
Synonyms: bendable
Usage: The connections of the several sections of the raft are slack and pliant, so that the raft may be readily bent into any sort of curve required by the shape of the river. Discuss.

Toaca – un cantec al lemnului | http://www.crestinortodox.ro/religie/toaca-cantec-lemnului-96044.html

Toaca la Manastirea Sambata de Sus Deplasare 16 17 februarie 2013 Slanic Prahova Sambata de Sus I

Toaca si CiocaneleToaca si Ciocanele

Toaca este o rugaciune adusa lui Dumnezeu, marcand trecerea de la timpul cotidian la timpul liturgic. Batuta la diverse ore, toaca puncteaza timpul de peste zi, chemand la rugaciune si slujba. Atat crestinii din lume, cat si calugarii, cunosc sunetul batutului in toaca, ce ii cheama zilnic la rugaciune. Baterea in toaca, inainte de inceputul slujbei, cheama pe toti crestinii in Biserica.”

Chop is a prayer to God, marking the passage of time in the liturgical books. Struck at various times, scores chop during the day, calling to prayer and service. Both Christians worldwide, and the monks know the sound beaten chop, she calls daily prayer. chop battery before beginning service, calling on all Christians in the Church.

via Toaca – un cantec al lemnului.