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today’s birthday: Mary Baker Eddy (1821)

Mary Baker Eddy (1821)

Eddy was the founder of the Christian Science movement, which preaches the principles of divine healing. After allegedly suffering a back injury in 1866, Eddy reportedly turned to the Bible and was unexpectedly healed. She considered that moment her discovery of Christian Science and spent the next few years refining the doctrine and plans for her new church. In 1879, the Church of Christ, Scientist was founded in Massachusetts. What newspaper, founded by Eddy in 1908, is still published today? More… Discuss


Joseph Priestley

Priestley was an English theologian and scientist. He prepared for the Presbyterian ministry but gradually rejected orthodox Calvinism for Unitarianism. His History of the Corruptions of Christianity, published in 1782, was officially burned in 1785, and he immigrated to the US in 1794, befriending the nation’s founders. As a scientist, his manipulation of gases enabled him to discover new ones, including “dephlogisticated air,” a breakthrough whose magnitude escaped him. What gas was it? More… Discuss


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