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My Sandbox 1-7 (Seal Beach, California, USA – My photo collection)

My Sandbox 1-7 (Seal Beach, California, USA)

My Sandbox 1-7 (Seal Beach, California, USA)

Seal Beach @ San Gabriel River Mouth Triptic Vertical – Panorama With view of Catalina Island (S) and San Gabriel Mountains (N) and Alamitos Bay (W)(my photo collection)

Seal Beach @ San Gabriel River Mouth

Seal Beach @ San Gabriel River Mouth View of Catalina Island to the South and San Gabriel Mountains to the North and  Alamitos Bay to the West

point of view (X-ed in Red_

point of view (X-ed in Red


Cats Forever: A Small Token Of Appreciation and In Memory of Helen Sanders

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Yesterday I was visiting the River’s End Cafe, on the beach, at Seal Beach, so I took few pictures of the place. It is one of those places build to remind one of the feel of the past. It is the place to have a bite, like after you a shower on the  beach to wash the ocean and the sand from your overly sun exposed skin: Will that pass for a suntan or a sunburn to your friends at the North Pole? Only time can tell-give it a few hour.
Like I was saying, here I am, taking in the fresh air, and moderate temperature of May, and admiring the architecture of the place, its color, the plants, bushes, and trees, and waiting for a hummingbird to get its lunch from the nectar of one of the flower nature designed especially for them (or may be it is the other way around).
And then I see it the Helen Sanders Memorial Plaque right at my feet, one corner of the ceramic tile broken already. But what about the dream: Was her dream turned activism, and foundation of care for stray cats broken? I thought, since I was there I could remind you of her, and her work.



The rest is up to you: If you wish to adopt a cat, or donate to the cause of Helen Sanders, visit the website: http://www.helensanderscatpaws.com/

One has to be passionate about something in life: What are you passionate about?

Seal Beach Art In The Sand: It is written in sand

Love: The engine for survival

A sunny day in November 2010, walking on the beach between San Gabriel River  (River’s End Café) and Seal Beach Pier made a movie of these marvelous mementos, so fragile, so full of life: I was just thinking to myself “these belong in a Twenty Thousand Years Time Capsule”. The rest was just fun, including the “Jazz Pizzicato”,  first composition of Leroy Anderson and one of the first pieces of music I recall listening to as a toddler, I guess.

My message to you is: Get off sofas, and couches, go outdoor, to the beach, to the mountains, walk, run, ride a bike, or drive, swimm, surf…Just be surprised and enjoy  the beauty of nature, that surrounds us.

 See you on the trail.

George. 🙂