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today’s holiday: Festival of the Cow (2015)

Festival of the Cow (2015)

The Fiesta de la Vaca takes place in the village of San Pablo de los Montes, in the Spanish province of Toledo, on St. Paul‘s Day. While the religious procession and mass for the feast of San Pablo are going on, a group of young men form a counter-procession in the opposite direction. One of them plays the role of the cow, La Vaca, while another is dressed as Mother Sow, Madre Cochina. A third is dressed as a shepherd, and there are others ringing cow bells. Every time the group passes the image of the saint, they call out, “Here goes the cow!” More… Discuss

Edvard Grieg: Peer Gynt (Suites No.1 and No.2): make music part of your life series

Edvard Grieg: Peer Gynt (Suites No.1 and No.2)


Satanic Ritual Abuse

In the 1980s, allegations of physical and sexual abuse linked to occult or satanic rituals caused a panic in the US. These claims of satanic ritual abuse typically came from children in daycare centers, but nearly all instances were later discredited when the coercive methods used to generate testimony came to light. These included asking children leading questions and “uncovering” unconscious mental traumas in therapy. What were some of the outlandish claims children were pressured to make? More… Discuss


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Misery Lit

Misery lit is a genre of biographical literature focused on the protagonist’s triumph over childhood trauma. Such texts typically involve physical or sexual abuse, or neglect, perpetrated by an adult authority figure, like a parent. Often written in the first person, the stories usually culminate in some sort of redemption or escape. Frank McCourt‘s memoir Angela’s Ashes is deemed a seminal work of the genre, although not the first. Which book do most people think originated misery lit? More… Discuss