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TODAYD’S BIRTHDAY: Alfred Kinsey (1894)

Alfred Kinsey (1894)

Kinsey was an American biologist noted for his 1948 study Sexual Behavior in the Human Male and its 1953 follow-up, Sexual Behavior in the Human Female. Based upon thousands of interviews, the Kinsey Reports generated much controversy because they discussed taboo subjects, challenged conventional beliefs about sexuality, and approached sexual variation in a nonjudgmental, value-neutral fashion. Though he is best remembered for this research, Kinsey actually was a teacher of what? More… Discuss


The Lingam

The lingam is a Hindu symbol of the god Shiva and of generative power. Fashioned from wood, gems, metal, or stone, lingams are common in family shrines throughout India. Historically, the lingam was a representation of the phallus, and a sexual dimension is apparent today as the yoni—symbol of the female sex organ—often forms the base of the lingam to emphasize the male and female aspects of existence. What did British missionary William Ward say about lingams in his 1815 book? More…


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