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today’s holiday: Seychelles Liberation Day

Seychelles Liberation Day

Less than a year after gaining independence, a coup overthrew the government in Seychelles. Two major political parties had developed, the Seychelles Democratic Party (SDP) and the Seychelles People’s United Party (SPUP). James Mancham, the leader of the SDP party, which won the majority vote, became president, and France Albert René became prime minister. René’s supporters led the overthrow and ousted Mancham on June 5, 1977, an event commemorated as a public holiday on Liberation Day. More… Discuss

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The Frog that Hears with Its Mouth

The tiny Gardiner’s frog has no middle ear or eardrumand therefore, scientists assumed, no way to amplify and transmit sound waves to the inner ear, rendering it effectively deaf. But if this were the case, researchers wondered, why would these creatures make audible noises, and, for that matter, why would they respond to one another’s calls? It turns out that these fingernail-sized amphibians use their mouths to amplify sound in much the same way that the body of a guitar does, and this sound is then conducted by tissue and bone to the inner ear. More… Discuss