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New at euzicasa: WIDGET_Classic Cat: The Free Classical Music Directory (one click away)

WIDGET_Classic Cat: The Free Classical Music Directory (one click away)

WIDGET_Classic Cat: The Free Classical Music Directory (one click away)

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Great compositions/Interpretations:Debussy – Six Epigraphes Antiques – Piano Duet: Valeria Szervánszky & Ronald Cavaye


Great compositions/Interpretations:Debussy – Six Epigraphes Antiques – Piano Duet: Valeria Szervánszky & Ronald Cavaye
Painting by Jenö Szervánszky

Antique Epigraphs is a ballet made on New York City Ballet by balletmaster Jerome Robbins to an orchestrated version of Debussy’s Six épigraphes antiques, L131, for piano, four hands, from 1914:…..

  • “Pour invoquer Pan, dieu du vent d’été”
  • “Pour un tombeau sans nom”
  • “Pour que la nuit soit propice”
  • “Pour la danseuse aux crotales”
  • “Pour l’égyptienne”
  • “Pour remercier la pluie au matin”

…..and his Syrinx, L129, a melody for unaccompanied flute from 1913. Six épigraphes antiques were originally written to accompany Pierre Louys‘ Chanson de Bilitis, prose poetry which was purported to be a translation of freshly discovered autobiographical verse by Sappho (it was not).[1][2] The premiere took place on February 2, 1984, at the New York State TheaterLincoln Center, with costumes by Florence Klotz and lighting by Jennifer Tipton.



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Great Compositions/Performances: Prokofiev – ‘The Love for Three Oranges Suite’, Op 33bis – BBC Symphony Orchestra, Rudolf Kempe conducting

Sergei Prokofiev
The Love for Three Oranges Suite, Op 33bis

00:00 I. The Clowns
03:04 II. The Magician and the Witch Play Cards
06:19 III. March
07:44 IV. Scherzo
09:15 V. The Prince and Princess
13:01 VI. The Flight

BBC Symphony Orchestra
Rudolf Kempe, conductor

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Stina Nordenstam – Little Star

Little star, so you had to go.
You must have wanted him to know.
You must have wanted the world to know
Poor little thing.
Now they know.
Little star,
I had to close my eyes.
There was a fire at the warehouse.
They’re always waiting for a thing like this.
Came driving from all over town,
For you, little star.
Little star, you, little star. (Sax solo)
Little star
So you had to go
You must have wanted him to know
You must have wanted the world to know
Poor little thing
And now they know
Laudamus, adorramus te, Dominec.
Domine Deus.
Laudamus, benedicimus
Domine Deus.
Cum Sancto Spiritu, in gloria Dei Patris. For you, little star. 


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Sviatoslav Richter – Schumann – Waldszenen (Forest Scenes), Op 82

Robert Schumann
Waldszenen (Forest Scenes), Op 82


The image of Russian pianist Sviatoslav Richte...

The image of Russian pianist Sviatoslav Richter (1915-1997) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


1 Eintritt
2 Jäger auf der Lauer
3 Einsame Blumen
4 Verrufene Stelle
5 Freundliche Landschaft
6 Herberge 
7 Vogel als Prophet
8 Jagdlied
9 Abschied

Sviatoslav Richter, piano

Recorded live, 1956



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2012-08-12 Leonard Cohen, Gent: I can’t forget




“I Can’t Forget


I stumbled out of bed 
I got ready for the struggle 
I smoked a cigarette 
And I tightened up my gut 
I said this can’t be me 
Must be my double 
And I can’t forget, I can’t forget 
I can’t forget but I don’t remember what 
I’m burning up the road 
I’m heading down to Phoenix 
I got this old address 
Of someone that I knew 
It was high and fine and free 
Ah, you should have seen us 
And I can’t forget, I can’t forget 
I can’t forget but I don’t remember who 

I’ll be there today 
With a big bouquet of cactus 
I got this rig that runs on memories 
And I promise, cross my heart, 
They’ll never catch us 
But if they do, just tell them it was me 

Yeah I loved you all my life 
And that’s how I want to end it 
The summer’s almost gone 
The winter’s tuning up 
Yeah, the summer’s gone 
But a lot goes on forever 
And I can’t forget, I can’t forget 
I can’t forget but I don’t remember what

The Best of Leonard Cohen

The Best of Leonard Cohen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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Ohhh Coffeeeee: LIFESTYLE The Chemistry of Good Coffee: The Syphon Method

LIFESTYLE The Chemistry of Good Coffee: The Syphon MethodLIFESTYLE

The Chemistry of Good Coffee: The Syphon Method



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The Steam Donkey

The steam donkey is the strangely named auxiliary steam engine used for hoisting or pumping, especially on a ship. The name “steam donkey” comes from its origin in sailing ships, where the “donkey” engine was typically used to load and unload cargo and raise the larger sails. Patented in 1882, the steam donkey became a key tool for the logging industry as well, but its popularity waned with the advent of diesel-powered equipment. At what amusement park can you find a steam donkey on display? More… Discuss


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Frédéric Chopin: Nocturne op.9 no.1 in B-flat minor (by Vadim Chaimovich)

This is my 2009 studio recording of Chopin’s Nocturne op.9 no.1.
This nocturne is one of the most beautiful short pieces by the celebrated master of the “song of the night”, it has a rhythmic freedom that came to characterize Chopin’s later work…

Frederic Chopin – Nocturne op. 9 no. 1 in B-flat Minor
Vadim Chaimovich, piano


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Live: Evgenia Rubinova plays Brahms Capriccio in d op. 116/1

Live: Evgenia Rubinova plays Johannes Brahms Capriccio in d op. 116/1 d-moll

classical, classic, piano, performance


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Fad Diets Can Work

If you want to lose weight in 2014, you are going to have to work for it. Regardless of which diet one follows, and there are countless to choose from, the key is sticking to it. Researchers say even “fad” diets like the Paleo diet, a nutritional plan based on the presumed diet of thehunter-gatherer of long ago, and the 5:2 diet, which restricts followers to as little as 400 calories on two “fasting” days each week, can lead to weight loss, so long as the dieter does not stray from the plan. More…Discuss


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Fabulous Composers/Compositions: Handel’s Music for the Royal Fireworks, Overture.

A spectacular fireworks display set to the ever so apropos Handel: Music for the Royal fireworks. Album details can be found here;http://musicalconcepts.net//component…

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Definition: (noun) A food rich in sugar.
Synonyms: sweet
Usage: One of the perks of working in a candy shop is getting to try all the new confectionsDiscuss.


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HRONICLES OF CANADA Volume 1 – FULL AudioBook | Greatest Audio Books
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This video: Copyright 2013. Greatest Audio Books. All Rights Reserved. Audio content is a Librivox recording. All Librivox recordings are in the public domain. For more information or to volunteer visit librivox.org.

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The opening number from the Milos Forman film of the Broadway play, “Hair.”


Johnny Cash – Come Home, It’s Suppertime


Neil Young – Heart of Gold/Lyrics

I want to live,
I want to give
I’ve been a miner
for a heart of gold.
It’s these expressions
I never give
That keep me searching
for a heart of gold
And I’m getting old.
Keeps me searching
for a heart of gold
And I’m getting old.

I’ve been to Hollywood
I’ve been to Redwood
I crossed the ocean
for a heart of gold

I’ve been in my mind,
it’s such a fine line
That keeps me searching
for a heart of gold
And I’m getting old.
Keeps me searching
for a heart of gold
And I’m getting old.

Keep me searching
for a heart of gold
You keep me searching
for a heart of gold
And I’m getting old.
I’ve been a miner
for a heart of gold.


Creedence Clearwater Revival – Fortunate Son


The Doors – Roadhouse Blues, BEST version (live in N.Y. 1970)

Hi, how you doin’ there? Y-e-ah. Looking good. Everything is fucked up as usual… you know…

A-keep your eyes on the road, your hands upon the wheel
A-keep your eyes on the road, your hands upon the wheel
Come to the Roadhouse, gonna have a real, a good time.

Yeah, at the back of the Roadhouse they got some bungalows.
Ah, at the back of the Roadhouse they got some bungalows.
That’s for the people… like to go down slow.

Let it roll, baby, roll,
Let it roll, baby, roll,
Let it roll, baby, roll,
Let it roll — all night long.

Ashen lady, Ashen lady,
Give up your vows,
Give up your vows.
Save our city, save our city
Right now!

Yeah, I woke up this morning, I got myself a beer.
Well, I woke up this morning, I got myself a beer.
Future’s uncertain and the end is always near.

Let it roll, baby, roll,
Let it roll, baby, roll,
Let it roll, baby, roll,
Let it roll — all night long.


National Geographic: Speeding Out of Control

How would you stop your car if your gas pedal got stuck? DO OR DIE PREMIERES THU JAN 2 at 10P.


National Geographic: Sticky Octopus

A scuba diver is caught in the death grip of a Giant Pacific Octopus. DO OR DIE PREMIERES THU JAN 2 at 10P.

Deus In Adjutorium – Monteverdi Vespers 2007

Deus In Adjutorium – Monteverdi Vespers 2007



Definition: (verb) Be a mystery or bewildering to.
Synonyms: dumbfoundflummoxmystifynonplusperplexpuzzleamaze,stupefygravelvexposestickbeatget
Usage: An apple tree producing square fruit would undoubtedly baffle experts. Discuss.


Ottorino Respighi – Adagio con variazioni

Title of Composition: Adagio con variazioni
Composer: Ottorino Respighi
Created in: 1920
Cello: Raphael Wallfisch
Orchestra: Bournemouth Sinfonietta
Conductor: Tamas Vasary
Recorded in: 1990
If you are interested in purchasing the CD/MP3, you can find it at either Arkivmusic:

Or at Amazon:

The CD/MP3 also includes The Birds and Three Bo


Peter Illich Tschaikowsky, Serenade for Strings, op. 48

Bayerische Kammerphilharmonie
Philip Greenberg, Dirigent
Aufgenommen im Mozarteum, Salzburg
Peter Iljitsch Tschaikowsky (1840-1893)
Serenade für Streicher, op. 48

Bavarian Chamber Orchestra
Philip Greenberg, Conductor
Performed live in the Mozarteum, Salzburg
Peter Illich Tschaikowsky (1840-1893)
Serenade for Strings, op. 48


Bachianas Brasileiras No 5 – Aria (Heitor Villa-Lobos) – Salli Terri & Laurindo Almeida

Bachianas Brasileiras No 5 (Aria)
music – Heitor Villa Lobos
lyrics – Ruth V Correa

Salli Terri (vocal)
Laurindo Almeida (guitar)

producer: Robert E Myers
recording engineer: Sherwood Hall, III

“Duets with the Spanish Guitar”
US Capitol 8406 (recorded 1958)

The sheet music (with fingering by Andres Segovia) is published by Associated Music Publishers (G Schirmer Inc).

1959 grammy nominations –
Best Engineered Record, Classical (winner)
Best Classical Performance, Vocal Soloist

Villa Lobos considered this version of the Aria, by Salli Terri and Laurindo Almeida, to be the best recorded performance. He originally scored it for voice and eight cellos, and later arranged it for voice and guitar.

“Tarde, uma nuvem rosea lenta e transparente,
sobre o espaco sonhadora e bela!
Surge no infinito a lua docemente,
Enfeitando a darde, qual meiga donzela
Que se a presta e alinda sonhadoramente,
Em anseios d’alma para ficar bela,
Grita ao ceo e a terra toda a Natureza!!!
Ca la a passarada aos seus tristes queixumes,
E reflete o mar to da a sua riqueza…
Suave a luz da lua desperta agora,
A cruel saudade que ri e chora!
Tarde uma nuvem rosea lenta e transparente,
Sobre o espaco sonhadora e bela!”

“Lo, at midnight clouds are slowly passing, rosy and lustrous,
o’er the spacious heav’n with loveliness laden.
From the boundless deep the moon arises
wondrous, glorifying the evening like a beauteous maiden.
Now she adorns herself in half unconscious duty,
eager, anxious that we recognize her beauty,
while sky and earth, yea all nature with applause salute her.
All the birds have ceased their sad and mournful com-plaining;
now appears on the sea in a silver reflection
moonlight softly waking the soul and constraining hearts
to cruel tears and bitter dejection.
Lo, at midnight clouds are slowly passing rosy and lustrous
o’er the spacious heavens dreamily wondrous.”

(English translation – Harvey Officer)


Hypnotic Performances: Valentina Lisitsa Plays Chopin Nocturne Op 27 # 2 D Flat Major

From Valentina:  “I went through love-hate “relationship” with this Nocturne. When I was asked by Lanaudiere Fesitval to select 7 Nocturnes for the concert ( I never played any before – to my utter shame ) I had to quickly flip through the sheet music and pick ones I thought I might stand 🙂 This one was number “last” on my list of things to do. I didn’t start learning it until it was almost too late ( those who watched my webcast of practice can confirm :-)). I dreaded the moment when I will get sick and tired of this sweetest thing ever written with its gorgeous but repetitious melody….
Then I had my “eureka” moment . it happened when I started looking at Chopin’s metronome markings – in all other Nocturnes they were perfectly in sync with today’s consensus – maybe little faster here , slower there… But this one – oh my God ! Lento Sostenuto marked as 50 beats per minute in half-measure ( 150BPM in eights ). You know how fast is it ???? Check-it out and see if you can keep up with Mr. Chopin LOL ….. i can’t , I still play it waaaaaay under tempo .Let’s see how many “critics” will leave comments saying it is too fast …..But , no matter what it makes a perfect sense- and suddenly my dread turned into astonishment at Chopin’s genius.The whole piece is suddenly transformed from overly long sugary-syrupy chant to an exalted and impassioned speech- you make whatever you want of this speech , maybe it is a declaration of love ? after all – the piece ends with the most beautiful duet of two voices….”


Fabulous Performamces: “Liszt Project” Recording Old-Fashioned Way:-) Analog Tape to Vinyl LP. Lisitsa

Recording of Liszt album in all analog ( or analogue if you will :-)) 1/4 inch Studer tape , no edits allowed !!!! 6 tapes , each one 40 minutes long is what it takes to get approximately 53 minutes of final result. I always knew that Liszt was dangerous 🙂 One tape was gone for sound tests , and another wasted on takes that had a squeeky pedal ( or was it a boot )? Anywya, here is more technical stuff…
Digital back-up ( lol) on Sequoia digital platform .
Interviews with the producer Michael Fine, sound engineers Wolf Dieter Karwatky and Wim Makkee. Liszt Ballade #2, Hungarian Rhapsody #12, Verdi – Liszt Aida, Schubert – Liszt songs (Ave Maria, Gute Nacht, Der Erlkonig, Der Muller und der Bach, Das Madchen Klage), Rondo Fantastique “El Contrabandista”.


Franz Liszt – Mephisto Waltz No. 1 (Orchestral Version)

The Mephisto Waltzes are four waltzes composed by Franz Liszt in 1859-62, 1880-81, 1883 and 1885. No. 1-2 were composed for orchestra, later arranged for piano, piano duet and two pianos, whereas 3 and 4 were written for piano only. 

Of the four, the first is the most popular and has been frequently performed in concert and recorded.

Conductor: Franz Welser-Most 
Orchestra: Wiener Philharmoniker


Leonid Kogan – Schumann – Fantasie in C major, Op 131 (Live recording, 1953)

Robert Schumann
Fantasie in C major, Op 131
(arranged for violin and piano)

Leonid Kogan, violin
Andrei Mytnik, piano

Live recording, 1953

Today’s Birthday: AUGUSTE ESCOFFIER (1846)

Auguste Escoffier (1846)

Escoffier was a legendary French chef credited with inventing peach Melba and other classic dishes. He began his career in his uncle’s kitchen, and by the time he retired some 60 years later, he had directed the kitchens of several grand European hotels and earned himself a reputation as the “Emperor of Chefs.” In 1903, he published Le Guide Culinaire, which contains 5,000 recipes and is still used today as both a cookbook and cooking textbook. How did peach Melba get its name? More… Discuss



Danger on the Roads

Spending hours at the wheel can make anyone sleepy, but for truck drivers, whose livelihoods depend on how quickly they can get to their destinations, taking a break is often not seen as an option. Instead, many truckers opt for alcohol or other mind-altering substances, like marijuana, amphetamines, and cocaine, to keep them on the road. An analysis of 36 studies shows that this is going on all over the world in varying degrees. Substance use seems to be linked to poor working conditions, suggesting that taking steps to improve working conditions for truckers could reduce this dangerous practice. More… Discuss


Today’s Birthday: BERYL MARKHAM (1902)

Beryl Markham (1902)

A British-born Kenyan aviatrix, adventurer, racehorse trainer, and writer, Markham is best remembered for her historic east-to-west solo flight across the North Atlantic in 1936 and for her 1942 memoir West with the Night, which chronicles her many adventures. The book had only modest success at first and soon went out of print, but it was rediscovered and reissued in 1983 and is now considered one of the best adventure books ever written. What controversy arose regarding its authorship? More… Discuss


John Blow: Chaconne in G

L’Harmonie des Saisons
Eric Milnes, director


Quotation: William Makepeace Thackeray

The world is a looking-glass, and gives back to every man the reflection of his own face. Frown at it, and it will in turn look sourly upon you; laugh at it and with it, and it is a jolly kind companion; and so let all young persons take their choice.

William Makepeace Thackeray (1811-1863) Discuss



Eating Popcorn Reduces Ad Effectiveness

Movie theater concessions may be pricey, but buying them could save you money in the long run. Researchers say eating popcorn or other snacks reduces the effectiveness of cinema advertising. They hypothesize that the process of chewing interferes with “subvocal pronunciation,” an automatic moving of the lips and mouth to silently pronounce the name of what is being advertised, that seems to help imprint the advertiser’s message in our minds. More… Discuss


A Website I will visit again: FlixelPix Photography (Freedom Through Photography)

FlixelPix Photography(Freedom Through Photography)

FlixelPix Photography(Freedom Through Photography) (click to access Site)

The evolution of the Fujifilm X-range of cameras has been particularly impressive with the power and versatility of the flagship X-Pro1 being made available in even more affordable and portable packages. – See more at: http://www.flixelpix.com/#sthash.573AW1lv.dpuf

Music for a Thursday Evening: Ivo Pogorelich – Mozart – Piano Sonata No 11 in A major, K 331

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Piano Sonata No 11 in A major, K 331

Ivo Pogorelich, piano




Definition: (verb) Engage in boisterous, drunken merrymaking.
Synonyms: carouseriot
Usage: Grab your hats and your flasks, lads; we’re going to roister till sunup. Discuss.


Erik Satie: Gnossienne No. 1, 2, 3

Erik Satie: Gnossienne No. 1, 2, 3
Pianist: Daniel Varsano
For Gnossienne No. 4 and 5, go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lq7yGl…


Just a Thought: “If the Humans were a Humane race…What a Wonderful World it would be! “

Just a If the Humans were a Humane race…What a wonderful World it would be!” 


Winter Night by Boris Pasternak

Winter Night by Boris Pasternak
It snowed and snowed ,the whole world over,
Snow swept the world from end to end.
A candle burned on the table;
A candle burned.As during summer midges swarm
To beat their wings against a flame
Out in the yard the snowflakes swarmed
To beat against the window pane

The blizzard sculptured on the glass
Designs of arrows and of whorls.
A candle burned on the table;
A candle burned.

Distorted shadows fell
Upon the lighted ceiling:
Shadows of crossed arms,of crossed legs-
Of crossed destiny.

Two tiny shoes fell to the floor
And thudded.
A candle on a nightstand shed wax tears
Upon a dress.

All things vanished within
The snowy murk-white,hoary.
A candle burned on the table;
A candle burned.

A corner draft fluttered the flame
And the white fever of temptation
Upswept its angel wings that cast
A cruciform shadow

It snowed hard throughout the month
Of February, and almost constantly
A candle burned on the table;
A candle burned.

Boris Pasternak (1890 – 1960)
Boris Pasternak
Enlarge Picture
View Boris Pasternak:
Boris Leonidovich Pasternak (1890-1960), born in Moscow, was the son of talented artists: his father a painter and illustrator of Tolstoy’s works, his mother a well-known concert pianist. Pasternak’s education began in a German Gymnasium in Moscow and was continued at the University of Moscow. Under the influence of the composer Scriabin, Pasternak took up the study of musical composition for six years from 1904 to 1910. By 1912 he had renounced music as his calling in life and went to the Unive..

I, Too, Sing America by Langston Hughes

I, too, sing America.

I am the darker brother.
They send me to eat in the kitchen
When company comes,
But I laugh,
And eat well,
And grow strong.

I’ll be at the table
When company comes.
Nobody’ll dare
Say to me,
“Eat in the kitchen,”

They’ll see how beautiful I am
And be ashamed–

I, too, am America.


Shostakovich Plays Shostakovich – Piano Concerto No. 2 in F major, Op. 102

Dmitri Shostakovich
Piano Concerto No. 2 in F major, Op. 102

Dmitri Shostakovich, piano

Orchestre National de la Radiodiffusion Française
André Cluytens, conductor




Definition: (adjective) Capable of arousing and holding the attention.
Synonyms: absorbingfascinatinggrippingriveting
Usage: The book was so engrossing that I did not notice when the lights were turned out in the library. Discuss.


Schubert / A. Brendel, 1961: Fantasy in C Major, D. 760 (Op. 15) – The Wanderer –

Wanderer Fantasy” is the popular name for Opus 15 (D 760) in C major by Franz Schubert, written in November 1822. It is a fantasy for solo piano in four movements, which sometimes even in the classical sonata form seem to stand up and form a sonata in their arrangement (which is in the typical order fast-slow-scherzo-fast clear). on the other hand, there is a close relationship between the individual sets, so that the imagination is interpreted as a major Sonata process. Accordingly would be the first sentence of the exposure, the second is a free implementation, the third one (albeit highly varied) recapitulation and the fourth would make the virtuoso coda.


Valentina Lisitsa: Chopin Nocturne Op 48 No.1 C minor (What a precious musical interpretation!)

One of Chopin’s most priceless performance remarks is at the beginning of this Nocturne — “sotto voce“. Just like that : not a girlish “piano” , not an ambivalent “mezzo forte” , not even meaty forte ( the last thing you want here is an “opera” voice for this melody ).It effectively bars all over-the-top cheap and showy “expressive emotions” — no eye rolling allowed , no hair flailing, no hands flying , no sobs , no visible tears…. A musical equivalent of the famed British ” keeping a stiff upper lip “- this “sotto voce” gives us the right sense of what this piece is about .Just as Chopin’s 2nd sonata this nocturne deals directly and openly with such tragic subjects as death, loss and grief … except , here you are allowed to leave personal comments. 2nd sonata is a depiction of all those things , this Nocturne is a commentary- or an epitaph…..the fifth movement that would come after the Finale …If you ever visit La Madeleine in Paris ( Chopin’s parish church where his funeral was held on October 30th ) think about this Nocturne , OK?

PS. Talking about parallels between Rachmaninoff and Chopin works , don’t you think that “doppio movimento” part ( last pages ) sounds ominously like Rachmaninoff Etude-Tableau E flat Minor Op39?

Leonid Kogan – Schumann – Fantasie in C major, Op 131

Robert Schumann
Fantasie in C major, Op 131
(arranged for violin and piano)

Leonid Kogan, violin
Andrei Mytnik, piano

Live recording, 1953


Granados – Goyesca No. 1 ‘Los Requiebros’ (Prats) Audio + Sheet music

Enrique Granados‘ temperamental Goyesca No. 1 ‘Los Requiembros’, played by the Cuban genius virtuoso pianist Jorge Luis Prats. Unfortunately, the piano he played in this performance was a bit harsh, but still these are some of the best performances of these works I’ve ever heard.