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Today’s Birthday: SIR JOHN FRANKLIN (1786)

Sir John Franklin (1786)

Franklin was a British Royal Navy officer and Arctic explorer who also served as governor of Tasmania. He is best remembered for presiding over a doomed expedition in the 1840s to chart the Northwest Passage through the Canadian Arctic. He and his crew fell prey to a host of ills, including starvation, disease, and lead poisoning. Of the entire expedition of nearly 130 men, not one is known to have survived. What evidence suggests that some of the crew members may have resorted to cannibalism? More… Discuss

Charles Francis Hall

Charles Francis Hall

Hall was an American explorer of the Arctic. In the 1860s, he made two notable—but mostly unsuccessful—searches for Sir John Franklin’s lost expedition. In 1871, he attempted to reach the North Pole. Though he set a new northern record, he died suddenly before reaching the pole. Later, 19 members of his crew became stranded on an ice floe for several months before being rescued. It is now believed that Hall was likely murdered, but it is also possible that he accidentally poisoned himself—how? More… Discuss