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quotation: And come he slow, or come he fast, It is but death who comes at last. Sir Walter Scott

And come he slow, or come he fast,

It is but death who comes at last.

Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832) Discuss

quotation: Sir Walter Scott

There is a vulgar incredulity, which in historical matters, as well as in those of religion, finds it easier to doubt than to examine.

Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832) Discuss

Quotation: Sir Walter Scott about doing good

For he that does good, having the unlimited power to do evil, deserves praise not only for the good which he performs, but for the evil which he forbears.

Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832) Discuss


Quotation: Sir Walter Scott on freedom! (but also asking what he should do with it after having it…indeed a hard decision to make…There was no blogging back when…)

I have heard men talk of the blessings of freedom, … but I wish any wise man would teach me what use to make of it now that I have it.

Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832) Discuss

Today’s Birthday: SIR WALTER SCOTT (1771)


Sir Walter Scott (1771)

Scottish writer Sir Walter Scott is widely regarded as both the inventor of the historical novel and one of the genre’s greatest writers. His extremely popular “Waverley” series consists of more than two dozen romances of Scottish life. The first, published in 1814, was an immediate success, yet Scott continued to write anonymously until 1827. In 1825, his business nearly failed. By what means did he attempt to stave off bankruptcy, eventually achieving financial solvency after his own death? More… Discuss