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this day in history: Czechoslovakia Gains Independence (1918)

Czechoslovakia Gains Independence (1918)

With the end of World War I came the dissolution of Austria-Hungary. Its Czech and Slovak-speaking territories—Bohemia, Moravia, Slovakia, and part of Silesia—formed Czechoslovakia. Benefiting from a liberal, democratic constitution and the inheritance most of the Austro-Hungarian Empire‘s industry, the new republic seemed to have a bright future. With its antagonistic and nationalistic ethnic elements, however, the new state was far from being a stable unit. What was the “Velvet Revolution“? More… Discuss

Carpathian wildlife – European bison (Bison bonasus)

This video footage comes from Vanatori Neamt Natural Park situated in the eastern part of Romanian Carpathians. There is a 180 ha acclimatization enclosure with about 30 animals. The Administration of the park implements an ambitious programme for restoration of this species to the wild. In December 2004 five European bisons were introduced to the wild in the easternmost part of Slovakia called Bukovské Vrchy (Beech hills), where the second part of this memorable video footage was recorded.


Edita Gruberova. O légère hirondelle. Mirelle. Gounod.

Edita Gruberova, soprano.
The Tokio Philharmonic Orchestra.
Friedrich Haider.

Edita Gruberová (born December 23, 1946, Bratislava) is a Slovak soprano who is one of the most acclaimed coloraturas of recent decades. She is noted for her great tonal clarity, agility, dramatic interpretation, and ability to sing high notes with great power, which made her an ideal Queen of the Night in her early years. In recent years, she has enjoyed great success with a number of the most important bel canto roles.

Gruberová was born in Bratislava in Slovakia, the daughter of a Hungarian mother and a father with German ancestors. Her native language is Slovak. She began her musical studies at Bratislava Conservatory where she was a student of Mária Medvecká. She then continued at Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava (VŠMU). While studying, she was a singer of the famous Lúčnica folk ensemble and also appeared several times in the Slovak National Theatre. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edita_Gruberova)