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Wujing Zongyao

Chinese scholars completed the Wujing Zongyao in 1044 under orders from Emperor Renzong. A military compendium detailing techniques for warfare, it includes the earliest known gunpowder formulas. The Chinese initially used gunpowder to make firecrackers, but they soon took it onto the battlefield. The Wujing Zongyaogives instructions for creating a bomb that is launched from a catapult as well as for a poison-smoke bomb. It also describes a primitive version of what modern weapon? More… Discuss


Democracy Now- July 20.2012 – Headlines – Stories

Democracy Now- July 20.2012 Headlines - Stories

Democracy Now- July 20.2012 Headlines – Stories (click to access program)

Twelve have been killed and about 50 wounded in a mass shooting at a movie theater outside of Denver. A gunman wearing a gas mask and bulletproof vest set off what appeared to be a smoke bomb before opening fire. Police say the suspect is in custody and that he is believed to have acted alone. The attack came at a screening of the new Batman film in the Denver suburb of Aurora. A number of the wounded are in critical condition. It was the worst mass shooting in the United States since the killings of 32 people at Virginia Tech five years ago