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Minecraft Xbox One – HAY BALES – Tutorial ( How to Raise Horses on Minecraft PS4, PS3, XB1 )

this pressed: Social network Ello gets boost after Facebook boots drag queens – The Washington Post

“You are not a product,” its manifesto declares. It decries social networks that track and record “every post you share, every friend you make and every link you follow” then sell the data to advertisers.

“We believe a social network can be a tool for empowerment,” it proclaims. “Not a tool to deceive, coerce and manipulate — but a place to connect, create and celebrate life.”

via Social network Ello gets boost after Facebook boots drag queens – The Washington Post.

facebook, poetic thought by George-B (the smudge and other poems)

facebook, poetic thought by George-B

To like or not to like:
That is today’s question:
Facebook plays with my feelings of liking and disliking,
but you know that,
it’s all over the news…the betrayal of trust of confidence,
of the most basic relationship…among people:
Fairness, not taking advantage of each other,
as a tool to make yourself rich (and make another poor)
But then you knew there is nothing sincere about facebook, that some made into faithbook: big mistake, big, big mistake)

need: to return ethics to the world!

In sickness and health: Facebook Mood Manipulation: 10 Bigger Problems – InformationWeek

Thomas Claburn
k Mood Manipulation: 10 Bigger Problems – InformationWeek.
Facebook Privacy: 10 Settings To Check


Anti-Social App Aims to Prevent Awkward Meetings

Do you dread the idea of accidentally running into an ex? Well, rest easy; there’s an app out there for you. Cloak is just one of a growing number of “anti-social” apps hitting marketplaces. It gathers public location information from other social networking services and alerts users when people they have flagged for avoidance are nearby. They can then take evasive action as necessary! More… Discuss

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Does Facebook Breed Discontent?

Facebook connects people all around the globe, but this may not be a good thing. It appears that, in helping us keep up with what is going on in the lives of friends and family, Facebook also stirs up negative feelings about our own lots in life. Researchers found that the more young people use Facebook, the lower their sense of well-being and satisfaction with life becomes. However, there is also a growing body of research showing that Facebook positively affects its users. The conflicting findings serve as a reminder that social networking technology is still relatively new and its effects are not yet fully understood. More… Discuss


Farage: How Dictatorships Begin: State of Emergency, Democracy is Suspended, The Unelected Rule

Follow Mr. Nigel Farage, on Twitter, Facebook and at http://www.nigelfaragemep.co.uk/.

Don’t wait until it is too late:  he is telling you  things the way are and  should NOT be.
Indeed all dictatorships started with someone acting (mind you) in the best interest of a country (nobody really wnowing who’s country there was).

Quotation of the Day From Twitter chief: We will protect our users from Government

FromTwitter chief -We will protect our users from Government

From Twitter chief "We will protect our users from Government" (click here to access and read at your heart desire the article at "The Telegraph"!)

Now this is what I call duble sided full transparency! ThanksTwitter, no thanks Facebook, etc., etc. Indeed staying the part of the solution is a new approach to human cooperation. 

Regards, Mr. Costolo!

WordPress Has The Key:Have You Blogged With The Rest? Well… Come Blog With The Best: I’m Staying!

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A Warm Salutation to the World:
Wordpress.com: you’re a great Company and wonderful host for websites like mine, Thank You! 
I like the WordPress Stats and  what  they tell about my website, therefore: 
What started as my first try to a website experience, in November 10, 2010, turns up to be a wonderful experience, from which I am learning a lot: My only regret being only that I did not start much, earlier. But it’s never to late to share with the World the things that help you enjoy the good times and weather the stormy days of your life.
I already made a short story long, so back to the Stats:

Cluster Maps is a great service and widget text tool, as it show you the spread of your broadcast and further more, by geographic area:

Whre my visitors are from.

my visits

The next stats need not too many words: they tell the number of visits daily, weekly, monthly, and I hope yearly (that up to the Almighty, but I pray and remain an optimist) and I like the numbers, the search engines referrals, and all other linking that helped the world to find out about my site.
But, mostly I am very thankful to my subscribers, friends who took time to comment taking time from their busy lives, even during the Winter Season Holidays Hype: To those true friends, I am sending this message of love, and appreciation, as they left their print o my attempt at artistic expression. I include the friends from Facebook, Twitter, Jango and YouTube, so far, and some other good friends:

To all of you I say:

Thank You for the renewed sustenance , and friendship you offered and continue to give me.