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Refugee Numbers Highest Since World War II (51, 000, 000 people forced to leave their homes: shame on the world leaders and ONU!)

Refugee Numbers Highest Since
World War II

The number of refugees worldwide has risen to levels not seen since World War II. There are an estimated 51.2 million people now displaced from their homes by conflict and persecution. Of these, 6.3 million have been living in “protracted” refugee situations, meaning they have been refugees for years, even decades. The surge in refugees is straining available resources and destabilizing some of the countries to which they have fled. More… Discuss


The Lost Boys of Sudan

Since the 1980s, when the Second Sudanese Civil War broke out, more than 20,000 of the nation’s boys have been displaced or orphaned. Most of these “Lost Boys”—separated from their families when government troops attacked villages in southern Sudan—walked for years in search of safety, traveling over a thousand miles to refugee camps. More than half died along the way. Many of the survivors have since been resettled in the US. What happened to Sudan’s “Lost Girls“? More…Discuss

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This Day in Yesteryear: The First Geneva Convention Is Signed (1864)

The First Geneva Convention Is Signed (1864)

After witnessing firsthand the suffering of thousands of wounded soldiers left without aid on a battlefield in Italy, Jean-

Treaty stones

Treaty stones (Photo credit: gordontour)

Henri Dunant returned to his native Switzerland and began campaigning for the humane treatment of war wounded. This prompted an international conference that resulted in the First Geneva Convention, an international agreement protecting neutral medical personnel and wounded soldiers. The Red Cross was also founded as a direct result of his efforts. What battle inspired him? More… Discuss