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Chilling New Spam News

We have become inured to news of computers being compromised by malicious software, but how about refrigerators? A California-based security firm has uncovered a network of 100,000 devices, about 25,000 of which were smart devices such as kitchen appliances, home media systems, and televisions, that were infected with malware that used them to send out about 750,000 spam emails. The problem is expected to worsen as more and more vulnerable, web-connected “smart” devices make their way into people’s homes. More… Discuss


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Do not access: Spammer! ( may be Hacker?): hmmm… I wonder, could accessing this existent site damage my personal computer?

Do not access: Spammer!

Do not access: Spammer! (Hacker?)

rezdyana is a spammer! Do not Access!

rezdyana is a spammer! Do not Access this site!

Had I been allowed, I would lock this spammer out: WordPress.com, wants this locked on my site. All for power and control! How ridiculous and irresponsible is that?

Akismet (poetic thought by George-B)

Akismet (poetic thought by George-B)

If you’re looking for Penny
 her last name is Stocks
there are lots of Spammers, 
just check your Spam Mat,

the one with tacky cling,
but when and if in doubt,

Trust Akismet. 

“Spam: scrub it off clean, hard and often!”

Spam 55.5 of 176….Be creative-find uses! (Thanks Akismet!)

Spam 55.5 of 176....Be creative-find a use! (Thanks Akismet!)

Spam 55.5 of 176….Be creative-find a use! (Thanks Akismet!)