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Diabetes and sugary drinks, poetic thought by George-B

Diabetes and sugary drinks, poetic thought by George-B

Lately, everywhere I go
I seem to have my pass crossed by Coca-Cola 18 Wheeler,
carrying their sickening brew,
to a market near you: Buy it all,
get diabetes,
drink drink, drink… Make them rich, make you sick,
make health care industry rich, make you sick…
Get morbidly obese, get diabetes, drink at least a gallon a day…. shorten a meaningless life significantly…

Or just let their brew rot on their shelves, of age,
and live a day longer, by just water!
The choice is yours: your food market won’t make it for you,
and your doctor, won’t make it for you…
Cause there is money to be made off you…
from the choices you chose to make!