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10-Year Cancer Survival Up in England and Wales

10-Year Cancer Survival Up in England and Wales

Better diagnostic tools as well as treatments are helping cancer patients live longer in England and Wales. Half of people now being diagnosed with cancer there will survive for at least a decade, double the rate of the early 1970s. However, for some cancers, like pancreatic cancer and lung cancer, survival rates remain extremely low. London-based Cancer Research UK lauded the progress but said that further inroads need to be made and set a goal of 75 percent 10-year survival within two decades. More… Discuss

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survival of the happiest

Bypass Patients in Happy Marriages Live Longer

Happy marriages could help coronary artery bypass patients live longer. A study of 255 bypass patients found that the 15-year survival rates were higher for married patients than unmarried ones and were highest for those who reported having happy marriages. Though men in the study seemed to benefit regardless of the quality of their marriage, women who reported dissatisfaction in their marriages actually had no survival benefit over unmarried women. Researchers believe the social support marriages provide is responsible for the improved long-term survival of bypass patients. More… Discuss