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Survivors, poetic thought by George-B ©Always (The smudge and other poems)

Survivors, poetic thought by George-B ©Always (The smudge and other poems)

I’ve witnessed moments like this
Made of lights and shadows,
with aroma of licorice and tarragon
tasting like roasted bell peppers and eggplants

I’ve witnessed moments like this
In sepia, and black and white, faintly smelling of retouching indigo


In the depth of the jungle, the smell of mushrooms is stronger
that any other smell except that of decaying matter

I’ve witnessed moments like this
of serenity: when being takes over the fear of dying,
of falling, through the holes in the old dragnet:
tilapia is a smart fish: it turns on one side,
at the bottom,
just above the mud,
avoiding the net…
other fishes are learning the technique: They are survivors.

The Tomb of Nakht, 1500 BC, contains a tilapia hieroglyph just above the head of the central figure.


Samoset Walks into Plymouth Colony, Greets Pilgrims in English (1621)

Half of the English pilgrims from the Mayflower perished during their first winter in the New World, and as the survivors struggled to build their settlement at Plymouth, they had several tense encounters with Native Americans. That spring, a Native American named Samoset unexpectedly walked into their settlement and greeted them in English. Within days, he had introduced them to their neighbors. As it happened, Samoset was merely visiting the area. Where had he learned English? More… Discuss


Survivors Hope to Take a Bite out of Shark Fin Soup

Survivors Hope to Take a Bite out of Shark Fin Soup

One would expect survivors of shark attacks to harbor ill will toward the creatures that maimed them, but one group of survivors is doing its best to save them. As many as 73 million sharks are killed each year for their fins, which are used to make the Chinese delicacy shark fin soup. Samples of the soup taken from US restaurants by shark attack survivors revealed that 81 percent were made using the fins of endangered, vulnerable, or near-threatened sharks. The group hopes that this knowledge will make restaurant patrons think twice before ordering the dish. More… Discuss