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Fifth Time’s the Charm for 64-Year-Old Cuba-Florida Swimmer

After four failed attempts to make the 110-mile (177-km) swim across the Florida Straits from Cuba to the US, 64-year-old long-distance swimmer Diana Nyad became the first person to complete the crossing without a shark cage or flippers. The achievement was 35 years in the making. She made her first attempt in 1978, when she was just 28, but had to abandon it 42 hours in, after crossing 76 miles. Undeterred, she tried again and again, and after 53 hours in the water this weekend, she finally achieved her goal, sending a message that it is never too late to chase your dreams. More… Discuss


Diana Nyad’s Dream of Cuba-US Swim Dashed

Diana Nyad’s Dream of Cuba-US Swim Dashed

Long-distance swimmer Diana Nyad has abandoned her latest, and likely last, attempt to make the 103-mi (166-km) swim from Cuba to the US. She swam for 63 hours and suffered a number of severe jellyfish stings to the face before being pulled from the water by her support crew. This was the 62-year-old Nyad’s fourth failed attempt to make the crossing. Had she succeeded, she would have claimed the record for longest “unassisted open ocean swim”—meaning a swim done without the protection of a shark cage. More… Discuss