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Internet Archive Wayback (You too can find your blog on the Internet Archive Wayback: Just fill in the Search engine with your http://))

Internet Archive Wayback

Internet Archive Wayback (You too can find your blog on the Internet Archive Wayback)

It is the only archive I recognize as a valid way to catalog your work. There are blogs that have the only accomplishment of self-appointment as collectors, archives, etc. There is no creative apport to the world of blogging, except the limiting to a certain membership.

All the work you do, all the posts you fave created, all your “likes” and reblogs, are too on the Internet Archive! 

“I for one encourage independent, original work, not empresarial management, outside the scope of blogging!”  George_B



Microsoft Loses Anti-Trust Case over Internet Explorer (2000)

In the mid-1990s, Netscape’s Navigator browser, which was paid software, became the de facto on-ramp to the Web. Recognizing the Internet‘s potential, Microsoft quickly developed Internet Explorer and cornered the market by bundling it with its Windows operating system. This became a central issue of the US Department of Justice antitrust case brought against Microsoft in 1998. In 2000, the judge hearing the case ruled against Microsoft and ordered the company to be broken up. Why wasn’t it?More… Discuss



Shoppers: Wal-Mart’s Innovative Delivery Solution

Wal-Mart executives are considering an interesting new way to make their business more competitive: get shoppers to deliver online orders. The hope is that such a system would cut shipping times and enable the retailer to better compete with e-commerce giantAmazon. To incentivize participation, Wal-Mart intends to offer discounts to shoppers who agree to make deliveries along their route home from the store. Before rolling out the program, however, Wal-Mart will have to address the various legal, regulatory, and privacy issues it raises. More… Discuss


Cyber Attack to Blame for Slow Surfing

A massive cyber attack targeting a European spam-fighting groupdid more than just slow its target to a crawl. The unprecedentedDistributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, which involves flooding a target network with so many requests that regular traffic is either slowed or completely interrupted, actually slowed the entire Internet. At times, the data stream reached peaks of 300 Gbps(gigabits per second), a threefold increase from a 2010 DDos attack that previously held the distinction of being the largest of its kind in history. More… Discuss

Extra, Extra: “YouTube expands live video streaming tools” find out more at CNET

YouTube expands live video streaming tools

The company has new tools for game makers to add live video streaming to their software.

euzicasa – Memories in the Archive @ Internet Archive – WayBackMachine

In the Spotlight: Http://euzicasa.wordpress.com @ Internet Archive -WayBackMachine

internet Archive - WayBack Machine

internet Archive – WayBackMachine

From New Relic: How to speed Up WordPress in 7 Easy Steps

From New Relic:  How to speed Up WordPress in 7 Easy Steps

From New Relic: How to speed Up WordPress in 7 Easy Steps (Click to access Article)

By: Leigh Shevchik | Posted in: Performance Tech TipsPHPTop Post, Mar. 6th, 2013

Last month, we discussed the importance of implementing a CDN to speed up your site content. Sticking with this theme, let’s take a closer look at how you can improve the performance of your WordPress blog or website.

There are nearly 59 million active WordPress blogs, yielding just over 29 million new posts every month. That’s an unbelievable amount of content. How fast that content loads can be a huge driver in your blog’s success. In fact, a 2011 KISSmetrics study showed that you should expect to see about a 25% abandonment rate after a four second page load delay.

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Twitter vs. WordPress.com Settings_ choice forbidden on WordPress.com

Published on Mar 27, 2013

Twitter vs. WordPress.com Settings_ choice forbidden on WordPress.com

Please forgive the few shortcomings, I did not make a script for this video, but I needed to publish this for its very important issues, governing individual freedom of choice, including freedom of association corollary to which, equally or even more important is the freedom of not being associated with, I call that Freedom of disassociation, still a personal choice!
I love blogging at WordPress and hope to be Allowed to do so, regardless of my personal views!

I hope you enjoy the video!


Twitter vs. WordPress.com Settings_ choice forbidden on WordPress.com: The Saga Continues)

Sorry for the poor quality (out of focus) of the video: what I have on my screen, looks great, but once uploaded, it became poor quality (could be a resolution setting? I don’t know!) but upon trying to re- upload, I was rejected for duplication) Does anyone know how can one delete his own video from YouTube? Then I would be able to upload again!

ProPublica -“Jurnalism in the public interest” – Access from here or from sidebar Widget

ProPublica Accss HERE

ProPublica Access or follow HERE or  from the sidebar widget

ProPublica Access or follow HERE or  from the sidebar widget! 

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: an update to “Create blocking Settings (like twitter) to avoid embarrassing pleading comments and give a choice of association to webmasters administrators and in good faith followers!”

WordPress.com Forums » Staff Answers

Join, what I consider now to be a debate, regarding your right to choose, and there is a problem with the status quo!

DO you deserve lesser rights at WORDPRESS.COM,  than those made available to you, without you having to ask, at your account at Twitter?

So far the votes and comments clearly recognize that there is a easy to address setting issue, and it all up to wordpress.com to address it!


Create blocking Settings (like twitter) to avoid embarrassing pleading comments

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  1. I have already formulated correspondence, regarding the settings that do not allow an site administrator to choose (by blocking or allowing the another website to follow> It is imperative that you, since you don’t seem to take responsibility (like Twitter does) to address my concern (is it only me? I think that in the past you allowed us to moderate, not only comments, but follows) from commercialism trivialization, profanity, mature content!
    What are you waiting for?

    Read this:

    And block this site from fouling my site, with his inappropriate attitude.
    I feel as if I’m talking to the Big wall of China, event the wall of lament answers better than you folks!

  2. You can block any commenters via the Blacklist at Settings -> Discussion in your blog’s Dashboard.



  3. Your comment, doe not address the issue at hand: this is not about having comments blocked, barred, or in other way moderated, by me.
    this is about me being able to block websites for following me, and becoming an embarrassment, harassment and exposure to unwanted language, and behavior, for wish, I am responsible, without being able to do anything about, and loose, possibly membership of my followers
    You really cannot tell me that you fail to understand what the problem is? if so, read my post again, and again until such time you do understand! Make me Happy Happiness Engineer Hey, know what: Make everybody happy, do the right thing here!

  4. We do not provide a way to block Followers at WordPress.com besides just making your blog Private.

    Please note that Followers only interact with you as far as you let them. You will receive notification of the new follower, but that’s really the only thing outside of your control. You don’t have to follow them back or participate on their blog. And, if they comment on your blog, you can simply blacklist them.

Today In History: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Established (1958)

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Established (1958)

NASA is an agency of the US government charged with aeronautics research and the nation’s civilian space program. During its history, it has been responsible for manned trips to the Moon, orbiting observatories, and unmanned programs that explored other planets and interplanetary space. Today, its goals include improving human understanding of the universe and establishing a permanent human presence in space. NASA was created by an act of Congress passed largely in response to what 1957 event? More… Discuss

Japan nuclear reactor halted over pressure drop_via_France24 International

Japan nuclear reactor halted over pressure drop_via_France24 International

Japan nuclear reactor halted over pressure drop_via_France24 International (click here to read the story at France24 International)