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this pressed for your right to think freely: TX US Rep @michaelcburgess puts it plainly – This is not a political issue it’s a public health issue. #preach #ebola pic.twitter.com/UBcUlQXndw — Mireya Villarreal (@cbsmireya)


Charles Goodnight (1836)

Goodnight was a cattleman known as the father of the Texas Panhandle. As a young man, he joined the Texas Rangers and became a noted scout and Indian fighter. Eventually, he turned to ranching and cattle driving. In 1866, he and Oliver Loving laid out the Goodnight-Loving cattle trail that extended from Texas through New Mexico and Colorado and into Wyoming. He later cofounded the million-acre JA Ranch in Texas, where he crossed Angus cattle with buffalo to produce what animal? More… Discuss


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