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The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea

The lowest body of water on the surface of the Earth, the Dead Sea is a landlocked salt lake bordered by Israel, the West Bank, and Jordan. One of the saltiest water bodies in the world, the Dead Sea hosts few life forms. The high salinity makes bathing here a unique experience, as one cannot help but float in its waters. It is also common practice when visiting the Dead Sea to coat one’s body with its mineral-rich mud. What health issues do some people believe the Dead Sea and its mud can cure? More… Discuss


Mid-East Plan to Replenish the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is dying—well, dwindling; the landlocked salt lake, the lowest body of water on Earth, is receding by as much as 3.3 ft (1 m) every year. The lake is fed primarily by the Jordan River, whose waters have been increasingly used for irrigation, greatly reducing inflow to the Dead Sea. Concerns about the loss of this unique natural resource have superseded political divisions, with IsraelJordan, and the Palestinian Authority coming together on a water-sharing deal aimed at replenishing the Dead Sea via a pipeline that will carry Red Sea brine to it from Jordan. Under the agreement, Israel will also provide more drinking water to Jordan and the Palestinian territories. More…