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today’s birthday: Glenn Seaborg (1912)

Glenn Seaborg (1912)

In 1940, American chemist Glenn Seaborg and his colleagues discovered plutonium. He soon joined the Manhattan Project and was instrumental in the development of the atomic bomb, which he unsuccessfully pressed President Truman not to use on civilian targets. In 1951, he and Edwin McMillan shared the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their work on transuranium elements. During his lifetime, Seaborg held dozens of patents—among them the only patents ever issued for what? More… Discuss


Tube Alloys

Though allies, the US and UK struggled to collaborate on the building of the atom bomb during World War II. In hopes of spurring cooperation, members of the UK’s bomb program—which was inconspicuously codenamed “Tube Alloys”—sent a report on their research to US scientists. The report was largely ignored until one of the British scientists traveled to the US. Hesitation by both sides followed, and the fledgling US effort eventually became the Manhattan Project. What happened to Tube Alloys?More… Discuss