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The time starts now, poetic thought by George-B (the smudge and other poems)

The time starts now, poetic thought by George-B

A time to learn
And a time to forget,
and a time to remember
That you’ve been forgotten…

A time to reach out
and a time to coil in,
Curled inside your shell,
For a quality time with the universe…

A time to explain
and a time to accept that objection is the only way to make
a difference,
and then to go and take a skinny deep in the nearest Jacuzzi…

A time to address the rest of us
in unerasable communication,
even if no one’s aware,
for a thousand years…

A time to enjoy not having a bucket list,
or any form of other regrets,
or sympathies,
or likes and dislikes that hurt like frost,
or burning coal at the feet…
you will meet your limb again somewhere in time,
in the past, or future:

The time starts now (start whistle here 3,2,1, NOW!)

©Always, by George-B