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this day in the yesteryear: First Issue of The Wall Street Journal Is Published (1889)

First Issue of The Wall Street Journal Is Published (1889)

The most influential American business-oriented paper and one of the most respected dailies in the world, The Wall Street Journal has been printed continuously since it was founded in 1889 by Charles Dow, Edward Jones, and Charles Bergstresser. In that time, it has won more than 30 Pulitzer Prizes. It has one of the highest daily circulations in the US and a worldwide daily circulation of more than 2 million. Who acquired the newspaper’s parent company in 2007? More… Discuss

this day in the yesteryear: First Pulitzer Prizes Awarded (1917)

First Pulitzer Prizes Awarded (1917)

The Pulitzer Prizes—prestigious awards presented annually by Columbia University for achievements in American journalism, literature, and music—were created by journalist and publisher Joseph Pulitzer, whose will funded the establishment of Columbia’s school of journalism as well as the prizes. Ironically, Columbia had rejected donation offers from Pulitzer during his lifetime because, as one of the originators of yellow journalism, he was regarded as unscrupulous. What do prizewinners receive? More… Discuss

this day in thenyesteryear: Daniel Pearl Is Kidnapped (2002)

Daniel Pearl Is Kidnapped (2002)

Pearl, the South Asia bureau chief of The Wall Street Journal, was on assignment in Pakistan when he was kidnapped by a group of Pakistani militants who believed he was a spy. His captors sent a lengthy list of demands to US officials—along with pictures of Pearl with a gun to his head—and killed Pearl just days after kidnapping him. A videotape of his beheading soon became public. Which high-powered Al Qaeda operative later confessed to decapitating Pearl with his “blessed right hand”?

What Is Organic Food? (I remember a time when all food was organic: Do you?)

What Is Organic Food?

Growing health consciousness has caused organic food to skyrocket in popularity. Proponents of organic farming claim that it yields more nutritious, safer, and tastier food because it is not prepared with the synthetically compounded fertilizers, pesticides, hormones, medicated feed, and chemicals that are often used in food processing. Food whose ingredients are at least 95% organic by weight may carry the “USDA ORGANIC” label. Who is credited with coining the term “organic farming”? More… Discuss