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word: quench


Definition: (verb) To satisfy (one’s thirst, desires, etc.).
Synonyms: slake, allay, assuage
Usage: He stopped to quench his thirst at a stream. Discuss.

Departure (poetic thought by George-b)

Departure (poetic thought by George-b)

I’ve parted with symbols – rings
bracelets chains – 
my blinking eyes for rhythm,
For thirst my breath –

I’m free to flyaway.

Elements: Water (a poetic thought, by George-b)

Elements: Water
(a poetic thought, by George-b)

Remember to touch the rain,
each time God sends it your way,
even if a single droplet:

 Remember water was before right after air,
in an ancestral  time, between waters,
before the ocean broke,
and  air took the first  breath.

Remember thirst, before you’re thirsty:
drink and drink, stop for breath,
and then drink some more…

Water: You’re into it, it floats into you,
Dry-up not, like a mummy
a gypsum cast around a broken limb
a tear on the salty, itchy chin…