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quotation: Mark Twain

A man’s house burns down. The smoking wreckage represents only a ruined home that was dear through years of use and pleasant associations. By and by, as the days and weeks go on, first he misses this, then that, then the other thing. And when he casts about for it he finds that it was in that house. Always it is an essential–there was but one of its kind. It cannot be replaced. It was in that house. It is irrevocably lost… It will be years before the tale of lost essentials is complete, and not till then can he truly know the magnitude of his disaster.  

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Nicotine, a naturally occurring constituent of tobacco, is the addictive, active ingredient in tobacco smoke. Although nicotine is highly toxic—it is used as an insecticide, fumigant, and vermifuge and in large doses can cause respiratory paralysis and even death in humans—the amount inhaled when smoking a cigarette is relatively small, about 3 mg. Depending on how it is inhaled, nicotine can act as a stimulant or as a tranquilizer. What is a lethal dose of nicotine for humans? More… Discuss

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E-Cigarette Nicotine Poisonings on the Rise

Marketed as a healthier alternative to conventional cigarettes because they do not expose users to smoke or tar, electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, have seen a major upsurge in popularity in recent years. However, many people do not realize the hazards the liquid nicotineused in these devices pose. In the past few years, calls to US poison control centers involving e-cigarettes have risen sharply. About half of these calls involve children ages 5 and under. More… Discuss

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Plain Cigarette Packaging Prompts Smokers to Call Quitlines

In October 2012, Australia introduced plain, olive green packaging for cigarettes that prominently feature asmoking-cessation helpline number, and the effort to curb the appeal of cigarettes appears to be working. Within a month of the redesigned packages reaching store shelves, calls to territorial quitlines spiked 78 percent. Six years earlier, Australia introducedcigarette packaging with bold health warnings and graphic medical images of cancerous lungs and gangrenous limbs. This was also associated with a spike in calls to quitlines, but the effect lasted only 20 weeks. The effect of the new, plain packaging is estimated at more than twice this. More…Discuss


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CVS Plans to End Sales of Tobacco Products by Oct. 1 – NYTimes.com

CVS Plans to End Sales of Tobacco Products by Oct. 1 – NYTimes.com.

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Unassisted smoking Cessetion more successful than smokers are made to believe

quitting is a personal choice

There is hope for smokers: Smoking is just a choice, and does not have to become a death edict. After reading this article (that you too can read, if you click on the excerpt picture above), you will see that you are not the only one who will, or have successfully quit smoking on their own: cold turkey is best and you know better than anybody what kind of motivation will work for you. But once you made up your mind, and acted upon it, you have the power to switch off the habit. You need to be very honest with yourself, as for long time now you have lived in a fantasy world, that is not more glamorous than jumping from an airplane, and realizing your parachute will not open. Where is the glamor in that? I don’t see it. The best time to quit is: RIGHT NOW! Just know that you have the internal resources to do it, without anybody else’s help: Give your “Inner Child” some other pastime, make smoking the weakest link in your life, the one that need removing and replacing; Think about smoking as the defect, the reason for which your  parachute does not open. (I’m not saying that you should use this scenario and I’ll leave finding the right one with you. 

Smoking is a cultural habit: Let’s cut it from our culture! 
What do you say: Are You In?