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this pressed: ISIS almost iced Sienna?|AP via Truth24.com


LOS ANGELES – Actress Sienna Miller has been an ambassador for the International Medical Corps (IMC) for the past six years. Last summer she made a humanitarian trip to help Syrian refugees in Lebanon, and she says it could have cost her her life.

“On our second morning we drove the so-called road to Damascus, heading just a few miles from the Syrian border to visit a settlement with a few thousand refugees,” she told FOX411 at the ICM Annual Awards Ceremony in Beverly Hills on Thursday. “About two hours into the drive, the vehicle ahead of us in a convoy suddenly stopped and pulled over. Colin, our country director, got out and informed us precisely and without emotion that a bomb had just exploded at a checkpoint we had just passed minutes earlier.”

via ISIS almost iced Sienna?. | AP/Truth24.com