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today’s holiday: Hora at Prislop

Hora at Prislop

The Hora is a dancing festival held at Mount Prislop at the TransylvaniaMoldavia border in Romania. The dancers of the hora carry big rings that symbolize the friendship of the people of the regions of Moldavia, Maramures, and Transylvania. The top artistic groups gather at Prislop Pass to present a parade in colorful folk costumes and then a program of songs and dances, ending with the lively peasant horas. Typical food dishes of the area are served and folk art is on display. More… Discuss

Festivalul Cetelor de Feciori Fagaras 2015

Festivalul Cetelor de Feciori Fagaras 2015

Cornelia Si Cornel Cimpeanu: enjoy Brasov, Transylvania Romania (*****ALWAYS IN-SEASON/NEVER OFF-SEASON*****)


O saptamana plina de realizari va dorim din Satul Pestera!

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today’s holiday: Romania National Day

Romania National Day

The national holiday of Romania has been celebrated since 1990, after the fall of the Romanian Communist Party head Nicolae Ceausescu, with military parades, speeches, and a holiday from work. This day marks the unification in 1918 of Romania and Transylvania and the formation of the Romanian state within its present-day boundaries. Romania’s full independence had been recognized in 1878, but Transylvania had remained outside the new state. On December 1, a Romanian assembly passed the resolution of unity celebrated on National Day. More… Discuss

Archaeology Volunteering in Romania: Volunteer in Romania

In Romania, volunteers on the Archaeology project are based in various locations, although the main base will be Deva, a city with 80,000 inhabitants. In ancient times Deva was a Dacian fortress called Decidava. Nowadays, it is the capital city of the Hunedoara district, an area with an extensive and fascinating history.

Volunteers work with a number of archaeological groups, including Romania’s Museum of History where they investigate ancient Dacia and the medieval environs of Transylvania. Archaeological sites found in the Carpathian Mountains and plains below have already yielded some remarkable information about the time of the infamous Vlad-the-Impaler, the supposed inspiration for the Dracula legend.

Our Archaeology placements are a great way to learn about civilisations that have long-since disappeared. Through clues, investigations and practical research you can attempt to reconstruct many aspects of their way of life whilst collaborating with some of the best specialists in the periods from Neolithic to Medieval

via Archaeology Volunteering in Romania: Volunteer in Romania.

Historic monuments: Cetatea Fagaras (2min), Tara Fagarasului, Romania

Fagaras IMG 5674

Fagaras IMG 5674 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Română: Panoramic spre sud al Munţilor Făgăraş...

Română: Panoramic spre sud al Munţilor Făgăraş. Fişier media obţinut cu date SRTM oferite liber de NASA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cetatea Fagaras (2min)

thoday’s holiday: Maidens’ Fair on Mount Gaina

Maidens’ Fair on Mount Gaina

The Maidens’ Fair is a major folk festival held at Mount Gaina in Transylvania, Romania. It was originally a marriage fair, where young men came to choose their future wives, but is now an opportunity for people to display their talents in handicrafts, costume making, singing, and dancing. Thousands of people gather for the events of the fair, which include dance competitions and concerts by folk bands and singers. Other aspects of the festival are feasts and bonfires, and the chanting of satirical verses during certain folk dances. More…


Published on Dec 5, 2012

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Info Transylvania – Accomodation in Transylvania, Tourist Attractions in Transylvania, all about Transylvania

Info Transylvania – Accomodation in Transylvania, Tourist Attractions in Transylvania, all about Transylvania.


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Semnale de bucium / Carpathian horn signals

“Semnale de bucium” performed by a group of six carpathianhorn (“bucium”, “tulnic“) players. Romanian traditional folk song from Transylvania area.

Carpathianhorn: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bucium

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Cum Se Face Painea De Cartofi (Homemade Bread with Potatoes)

Traditional in Transylvania (Ardeal)

Cantece de nunta din Ardeal

Wedding folk songs from Transylvania

“Cindrelul” Sibiu Orchestra / Irimescu

Grigore Lese-O moarte, ce ti-as plati

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This song from the northernmost places in Transylvania is refered to my by my good friend, from the beautiful town of Oradea. I want to share it with the world, so it is  appreciated now, or when one would want to. Just as I kept alive memories from the past a verse, a musical phrase, a sound, a delicious dish, or the  aroma of the quinces lined up in the seal of the window from November to Christmas time, I know that where ever we may find ourselves, we all have deep in our hearts the oil candle of our first home, the first memories. So come along, one and all: Don’t have to take off your shoes, come to the warmth of our old traditions, rain or shine, day or night, the more we are the warmer it is, the more time you stay, the better we’ll get to know each other.

Thank You, Friends.