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Wikipedia:Today’s featured article/April 21, 2014

Wikipedia:Today’s featured article/April 21, 2014

Hurricane Kiko

Hurricane Kiko was one of the strongest tropical cyclones to ever make landfall on the eastern coast of the Baja California Peninsula. The eleventh named storm of the 1989 Pacific hurricane season, Kiko formed out of a large mesoscale convective system on August 25. Slowly tracking northwestward, the storm rapidly intensified into a hurricane early the next day. Strengthening continued until early August 27, when Kiko reached its peak intensity with winds of 120 mph (195 km/h). The storm turned west at this time, and at around 0600 UTC, the storm made landfall near Punta Arena on the southern tip of Baja California. The hurricane rapidly weakened into a tropical storm later that day and further into a tropical depression by August 28, shortly after entering the Pacific Ocean. The depression persisted for another day while tracking southward, before being absorbed by nearby Tropical Storm Lorena. Though Kiko made landfall as a Category 3 hurricane, its impact was relatively minor. Press reports indicated that 20 homes were destroyed and numerous highways were flooded by torrential rains. (Full article…)

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Great Barrier Reef’s Coral Crisis

In less than three decades, the Great Barrier Reef, considered one of the seven natural wonders of the world, has lost half of its coral cover. Experts attribute the losses largely to tropical cyclones and outbreaks of coral-eating crown-of-thorns starfishCoral bleachingdue to ocean warming also played a role, though a relatively minor one. Given some time, damaged reefs can generally recover, but current intervals between these disturbances are too brief to allow for meaningful recovery, resulting in long-term losses. More… Discuss

If the coral could talk, or sing, i  guess this is how it would sound like: