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word: profligate


Definition: (adjective) Shamelessly immoral or debauched.
Synonyms: degenerate, degraded, dissipated, dissolute, libertine, riotous, fast
Usage: We both know that he has been profligate in every sense of the word; that he has neither integrity nor honor; that he is as false and deceitful as he is insinuating. Discuss.


Brixton Riot (1981)

In the early 1980s, south London‘s Brixton neighborhood was plagued by severe social and economic problems, including high rates of unemployment and crime and poor housing conditions. In 1981, in an effort to reduce street crime, police began stopping and searching anyone they deemed suspicious—a policy that many residents of the predominantly black community found discriminatory and heavy-handed. Eventually, the angry residents rioted. How many people were injured during the clash? More… Discuss

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Recession Linked to Rise in Child Abuse Injuries

Recession Linked to Rise in Child Abuse Injuries

Since the start of the economic downturn in the US, the number of children being hospitalized with severe brain injuries as a result of abuse has spiked. In the three years leading up to the recession, the rate of abusive head injuries was 8.9 per year per 100,000 kids. During the recession, this number jumped to 14.7 per 100,000. Although there is no proof that pay cuts or job loss is responsible for the increase in abuse, previous research has linked parental stress to child maltreatment, and financial hardship could certainly contribute to parental stress. More… Discuss

US Poverty at Record High_ Uninsured Hits 20-Year Peak from Democracy Now

US Poverty at Record High_ Uninsured Hits 20-Year Peak from Democracy Now

US Poverty at Record High_ Uninsured Hits 20-Year Peak from Democracy Now

High Unemployment Expected Through 2012, Reports Congressional Budget Office

 The Congressional Budget Office is predicting sluggish growth for the U.S. economy over the next year. Speaking before the congressional “super committee” on the deficit, CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf said the official unemployment rate will remain above nine percent through next year’s elections.

Douglas Elmendorf: “Incoming data and other developments since early July suggest that the economic recovery will continue but at a weaker pace than we had anticipated. With output growing at only a modest rate, CBO expects employment to expand very slowly, leaving the unemployment rate, as depicted by the dots in the figure, close to nine percent through the end of next year.”

Obama Touts Jobs Plan Ahead of Expected Call for Medicaid Cuts