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HIV Reemerges in “Cured” Child

HIV Reemerges in “Cured” Child

A US-born toddler who, it had been hoped, had been cured of HIV after receiving antiretroviral treatment within hours of birth is, sadly, still infected. Tests had found no detectable levels of the virus in her blood as recently as March, despite the fact that she had not received treatment for nearly two years. Earlier this month, however, the four-year-old had a positive result. The news of the failed cure comes as a blow to the research community and indeed society at large. More… Discuss


Chicken Nuggets Less than 50% Chicken Meat

A small-scale study of restaurant chicken nuggets found that the samples examined consisted of 50 percent or less chicken muscle tissue. The remaining bulk was made up of things like fat, blood vessels,nervescartilage, and even bits of bone. Chicken industry members argue that the sample size of the study—two—is too small to carry much weight. The researchers acknowledge that their sample size is quite small but insist their study has an important takeaway message—that although chicken nuggets taste good, they are not necessarily good for you and should only be eaten in moderationMore… Discuss