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Hands-Free Technology Can Make Drivers More Dangerous

Hands-Free Technology Can Make Drivers More Dangerous

Hands-free, speech-activated phone and infotainment systems for drivers are meant to make roads safer, but many are having the opposite effect. These systems are intended to make it easier for drivers to do things like make a call, send a text, or tune the radio without taking their eyes off the road or their hands off the wheel, but many of the programs are so error-prone and complicated that they end up being a greater distraction than, for example, talking on a hand-held cell phone. More… Discuss

Evolutionary Theory that Packs a Punch

Evolutionary Theory that Packs a Punch


Bones of the skull

Bones of the skull (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dietary changes have long been considered the primary driver of evolutionary changes to human facial structure, but two University of Utah researchers have proposed an alternative, and much more violent, theory. They say that fistfights and not food were the driving force. Evolutionary changes to facial bone structure, they contend, have strengthened the bones most often fractured when humans, usually males of the species, brawl, thereby limiting the injuries participants sustain. More… Discuss