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Today’s Birthday: DOROTHEA DIX (1802) pioneer in the movement for humane treatment of the insane

Dorothea Dix (1802)

Dix left an unhappy home at age 10 to live with her grandmother in Boston. By age 14, the resourceful Dix was on her own and working as a schoolteacher. In 1841, while teaching in a Massachusetts prison, Dix saw firsthand the inhumane way that mentally ill prisoners were treated. Appalled, she became a pioneer in the movement for humane treatment of the insane. Her efforts brought about widespread reforms in both the US and Canada. What position did Dix hold during the US Civil WarMore… Discuss

Published on Mar 11, 2012

“My documentary for National History Day 2012: Revolution, Reaction, Reform about Dorothea Lynde Dix, who paved the road to treating people with mental illness as human beings.” hannahachenB 



US President Abraham Lincoln Suspends Habeas Corpus (1861)

In law, habeas corpus is a writ ordering that a person be brought before a judge, especially to decide whether a prisoner’s detention is lawful. Its suspension means that prisoners can be held indefinitely without being charged. During the US Civil War, President Lincoln suspended habeas corpus to arrest and silence Southern dissenters. A legal battle ensued, and Lincoln prevailed.Habeas corpus has been suspended numerous times in US history, most recently in what year? More… Discuss