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this day in the yesteryear: Medal of Honor Authorized by US Congress (1862)

Medal of Honor Authorized by US Congress (1862)

The Medal of Honor is the highest military decoration awarded by the US. It is presented by the president for “gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of…life above and beyond the call of duty” while engaged in an action against an enemy. Members of all branches of the US military are eligible to receive the medal, but each branch has its own special design. The Philadelphia Mint designed the medal, which was first awarded during the Civil War. How many soldiers have received the medal twice? More… Discuss


J. William Fulbright (1905)

Fulbright, a Rhodes Scholar, served in the US Department of Justice, taught law, and was president of the University of Arkansas before becoming a member of US Congress. His Fulbright Act provides grants that enable thousands of Americans to study abroad and allow overseas students to study in the US. It was passed into law in 1946 and earned him international recognition. Fulbright’s Senate career was marked by his opposition to the Vietnam War and what other notable cases of dissent? More… Discuss

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Congressional Group Calls for Cell Phone Study

The Government Accountability Office (GAO), an investigative arm of the US Congress, has released a report calling for regulators to reexamine cell phone safety standards. Current standards on cell phone radiofrequency emissions are 15 years old and may not take into account current research or phone usage. Therefore, the GAO has recommended that the Federal Communications Commission(FCC) formally reassess emissions limits as well as testing requirements and procedures for mobile devices to ensure public safetyMore…Discuss