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November 3 2013 Cologne Recital – Bigger, Longer & Uncut , Raw Video Feed , Valentina Lisitsa

Fast forward to 5:00 minutes in to the performance!
This raw video camera feed is made live from Cologne recital that was recorded for Arte TV and web broadcast, all 3+ hours of i t! Arte Live Web put a short version of it a week after the concert ( I was not asked which pieces I want or don’t want ) When I realized the the video is unavailable anywhere other than France and Germany I thought it is a technical glitch. I contacted Arte and was told that ” the contract with Decca doesn’t allow them worldwide broadcast”. I got a letter from Decca – yes, in writing, saying that it is OK ( well, it was written in lawyer’s language but the OK is still OK, right?) “Armed” with a written permission I contacted Arte again and asked to please-please-please to change the settings of the video. It has been a month…. Did we all wait enough? I think so.
For my French and German fans – you can still watch a short version ( 1 hour 15 minutes) on Arte Live Webhttp://liveweb.arte.tv/de/video/Valen…
For the rest of the world ( which is QUITE A BIT BIGGER than France+Germany, even if Arte TV doesn’t think so :)))) enjoy the full version for next 90 days! As a trade-off you have to scroll through the intermission etc and to guess the titles of pieces.