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Childhood Hurts Persist for Decades

Yet another study, this one the first to look at the effects of childhood bullying in late adulthood, is adding to the growing body of evidence on the persistent and pervasive social, physical, and psychological effects of bullying. At age 50, people who were frequent victims of childhood bullying remained at increased risk of mental disorders such as depression and anxiety. They also tended to report a lower quality of life. The findings suggest that we never really outgrow the trauma of bullying but instead carry it with us throughout our lives. More… Discuss

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Bullying’s Effects Add Up

Studies have consistently shown that bullying is tied to worse physical and mental health, but few have looked at the cumulative effects of bullying over time. As might be expected, a longitudinal study of bullying found that teens who had been subject to bullying throughout their schooling had a lowerquality of life than those who had either been bullied in the past or who were being bullied at the time of the study. The findings further highlight the importance of preventing bullying or, at the very least, putting a stop to it soon after it starts. More… Discuss


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Teasing Takes Toll on Kids’ Activity Levels

In recent years, parents, educators, and medical professionals have gained a new perspective on the effects of bullying. The notion that being bullied is simply a childhood rite of passage has largely been invalidated, as study after study documents the long-term psychological scars left by bullying. A new study adds to this growing body of evidence, concluding that children who are teased while playing sports or exercising are more likely to become less active and tend to have a poorer health-related quality of life than those who escape such bullying. In an age when children already get too little exercise, it is all the more important that deterrents to physical activity be addressed.More… Discuss

Boys That Bully More Likely to Beat Partners Later

Boys That Bully More Likely to Beat Partners Later

US researchers say new findings show a link between schoolyard bullying and later domestic abuse, highlighting the importance of addressing bullying behavior in childhood. Thirty eight percent of the men in a recent study who admitted to abusing their partner physically or sexually within the past year also said they had frequently bullied their peers in school. The association was even stronger than for other risk factors linked with domestic violence, such as having suffered abuse as a child. More… Discuss