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This pressed for your information: Inventor of the Worldwide Web says internet access should be “a basic human right” — Voice of America (@VOA_News)

Extra! Extra!….On National Geographic: Escape from East Germany ( It is for the sake of stories like this one that I decided to create the Widget to all my friends to access National Geographic

Published on Apr 17, 2013

This is the story of the last harrowing illegal journey from East Germany to West Germany before the Berlin Wall fell.

THE 80s: NEW MINI-SERIES premiering April 14 – April 16 on the National Geographic Channel.

‘My thoughts on this: It is always easier to destroy/demolish, than to rebuild, when you have no plan or intention to rebuild!’       George-B

Mircea FLorian: Cu pleoapa ta de-argint


Mircea Florian, I remember the Electrecord LP with this magnificent music, total novelty in Romania at the time : not only the tone of the music, but also the use of indian traditional instruments (George Harrison  composed My Sweet Lord, which became inspiration to many). in those times Radio Europa Libera, si Voice of America were the only place one could listen to rock and roll.  

But I may be wrong: important is…the result, unique beautiful music, now as it was then. I’ll leave the technicalities, to the musical gurus. 🙂