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Fishing on Oahu

Fishing on Oahu (Photo credit: Stuck in Customs)


Two large volcanoes and the plain between them make up Oahu, the third largest and most densely populated Hawaiian island, nicknamed the “Gathering Place.” Honolulu, Hawaii’s state capital and main deepwater marine port, occupies the southeast end of the island, not far from Pearl Harbor, while the North Shore possesses some of the world’s most renowned surfing spots. Oahu draws around five million visitors each year. Instead of cardinal directions, locals use what terms to describe locations?More… Discuss

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Molasses Spill Chokes Hawaii Harbor

Unfortunately, we know all too well the damage an oil spill can do to an ecosystem, but how about molasses? The sweet, sticky stuff used in cookies, candies, and other tasty treats has caused an environmental disaster in Honolulu Harbor. A massive spill from a molasses pipeline earlier this month sent hundreds of thousands of gallons of the heavy syrup into the harbor’s waters, killing thousands of fish. Unlike oil, molasses sinks in water, and experts have no way of removing molasses once it has been spilled. The full impact of the spill on marine life will not be known for some time. More… Discuss


Will Waikiki’s International Market Place be razed, renovated or left as is? (for a friend, following a conversation on this unique place)

Will Waikiki’s International Market Place be razed, renovated or left as is?

by: Chris Bailey
posted: Thu May 21, 2009 at 11:54 AM

Waikiki_International_Market_PlaceYou ask. We answer.

HAWAII Magazine reader Patricia Renze from New York, NY, writes:

What’s the status of the International Market Place renovations in Waikiki? I have spent many a happy day walking around and talking with all of the vendors. I hope the project has been shelved, as I love the Market Place just the way it is. 

Well, Patricia, you’ll be happy to know that Waikiki’s International Market Place is staying the same. For now at least. 

A $150 million overhaul of the 4.5 acre banyan-tree-shaded property in the heart of Waikiki has been postponed indefinitely, say Market Place officials. Development plans will be revisited sometime after 2010, but there’s no certainty of what will become of the open-air bazaar.

The planned redevelopment of the property has sparked protest from residents and visitors. A revitalized market place would come at the expense of the dozens of small retail booths that sell all manner of mostly foreign-made Hawaii tchotchkes—from plastic tiki statues and discount aloha wear to writhing hula girl lamps and wood carvings.

The International Market Place has been a Waikiki attraction for decades. Restaurateur Donn Beach—owner of the now long-gone Don the Beachcomber restaurant chain—once famously perched his office in the sturdy branches of the market place’s massive banyan tree. 

Since the International Market Place’s 1957 opening, there have been no major renovations to the property. The newest building on the property was erected in 1970. But property developers have coveted the shopping district’s central Waikiki location for almost as many years as the Market Place has been open.
Landowner Queen Emma Foundation’s latest plan for site—originally slated for a 2005 start—called for razing most of Market Place’s familiar tropical facade, making way for more upscale shops and restaurants, a storytelling center and an entertainment pavilion. Construction delays and the souring economy have stalled the project.

We’ll keep you posted on what happens next here on HawaiiMagazine.com.

Photo: International Market Place