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Michael Moore’s ‘Here Comes Trouble’ Book Tour Hits White Plains, New York (10/24/11)

   Michael Moore: “We live in a liberal country … You know who believes it — and they’re proving that they believe it — are the Republicans. Because why would you try to suppress the vote if you believed you lived in a Conservative country? If you believed you lived in a Republican country, the last thing you would do would be to make it hard for people to vote. You’d be setting up voting booths in every Wal-Mart across the country.” — Michael Moore, Monday, October 24th, White Plains, New York

Texas Campaign for the Environment: Walmart Here I Come!

This is such a environmentally sound, way to implement environmental laws!
This is a good model for other states, like California, if there isn’t already a recycling law in place for TV Sets!

America’s Lastest Conquistadore, “El” Walmart


“To rediscover America, is to reconquer it, zip code after zip code, Soul after soul”,

This is the writing on the wall…Now zipit.

Free market? Who are you kidding…