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this day in the yesteryear: Johnstown Flood Kills 2,209 (1889)

Johnstown Flood Kills 2,209 (1889)

When the South Fork Dam near Johnstown, Pennsylvania, collapsed after several days of heavy rains, it sent 20 million tons (18.1 million cubic meters) of water cascading downriver at speeds of 20–40 mph (30–60 km/h). Less than an hour after the breach, a 30-foot (9-m) wall of water smashed into Johnstown, killing more than 2,200 people. The American Red Cross’s response was one of its first major disaster relief efforts. Why did some blame the South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club for the tragedy? More… Discuss

CNA – Catholic News Agency January 31 -2015 (for the “lukewarm Christians everywhere”)

CNA - Catholic News Agency January 31 -2015 (click to access Reports of  interest to Christians at CNA)

CNA – Catholic News Agency January 31 -2015 (click to access Reports of interest to Christians at CNA)

this pressed from Washington Post: The people designing your cities don’t care what you want. They’re planning for hipsters. – The Washington Post

The people designing your cities don’t care what you want. They’re planning for hipsters. – The Washington Post.

word: pedantic


Definition: (adjective) Characterized by a narrow, often ostentatious concern for book learning and formal rules.
Synonyms: donnish, academic
Usage: Pedantic and hypercritical, meddlesome and fault-finding, he was a terror to the clerks under him. Discuss.

today’s holiday: Festival of American Folklife

Festival of American Folklife

Since 1967, the Festival of American Folklife has been held on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., to celebrate the richness and diversity of American and world cultures, emphasizing folk, tribal, ethnic, and regional traditions in communities throughout the U.S. and abroad. Recent festival programs have included musicians from the former Soviet Union, demonstrations of African-American coil basketry and Italian-American stone-carving, and the performance of a Japanese rice-planting ritual. More… Discuss

THIS DAY IN THE YESTERYEAR: US President Lincoln Signs Homestead Act into Law (1862)

US President Lincoln Signs Homestead Act into Law (1862)

The Homestead Act was a federal law that sought to shape the American West by populating it with farmers. The act provided for the transfer of 160 acres of unoccupied public land to each homesteader at $1.25 an acre after six months of residence or for a nominal fee after five years. However, the generous law became subject to fraud and corporate abuse. The settlers did not fare much better, given the harsh land and arid conditions out West. Who was the last person to take advantage of the law? More… Discuss

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Jefferson’s Birthday

Unique among American presidents, Thomas Jefferson(1743-1826) was not only a statesman but a scholar, linguist, writer, philosopher, political theorist, architect, engineer, and farmer. In the United States, he is remembered primarily as the author in 1776 of the Declaration of Independence; he died on July 4, 1826, the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration. A birthday commemoration is held each year at Monticello, Jefferson’s home in Virginia, as well as at the Jefferson Memorial on the Mallin Washington, D.C. More… Discuss

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Via YouTube National Geographic Channel Injured D.C. Snowy Owl Gets “New” Wing

A snowy owl that got hit by a bus and burned, possibly by a chimney, in Washington, D.C., has been fitted with new feathers on its damaged wing. The operation, called imping, was performed at the Raptor Center at the University of Minnesota.

Read more about the owl and the operation:

VIDEOGRAPHER: Phil Ladisa, The University of Minnesota Raptor Center
EDITOR: Gabriella Garcia-Pardo
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Great Compositions/Performances: Tchaikovsky-Meditation from Souvenir d’un lieu cher op. 42 no. 1 (Orchestrated by A. Glazunov)

Isaac Stern: violin-National Symphony Orchestra-Mstislav Rostropovich: conductor-1977

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Quotation: George Bernard Shaw about governing Peter and Paul

A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.

George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950) Discuss


New Widget at EuZicAsa – New resources: The Smithsonian: ENCYCLOPEDIA OF LIFE – Collections of Sounds

Sound from Amphibians of Panama: Túngara Frogs (Engystomops pustulosus)

 Encyclopedia of Life

The Smithsonian: Collections of Sounds

Barbieri Symphony Orchestra – Flashmob oficial LavapiesMusic

El arte sale a la calle.
Presentación informal de la Barbieri Symphony Orchestra en colaboración con Lisarco Danza, Okube y BeringolaTV., bajo la dirección de Óliver Díaz y José Carlos Plaza.
La obra interpretada es el Vals de la Jazz Suite nº2 de Dmitri Shostakovich.

Si quieres más visitanos en http://www.bsorchestra.com



Barbieri Symphony Orchestra

“La música clásica como nunca la habías imaginado”